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I began riding, according to my mom, at about age five. Some of my best memories as a kid involve motorcycles. My dad was a Honda guy and we had a variety of trail bikes including the iconic Honda Trail 90. I enjoyed motorcycles so much as kid my High School class ring had a dirt bike on it (I will do a bad weather post on that someday).

But, like many men, I set it aside for family. Then in 2008 Debbie and I “graduated” from the Army after 25 years and as a gift to ourselves we bought a new Harley. A few years later the bike had 29,000 miles (plus we are on our second touring bike in addition to the first motorcycle)! Debbie had no real motorcycle experience before this and now she has her endorsement and a bike of her own.

We have been to rallies (Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Mountain Fest), and places (Tail of the Dragon, Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway) and have had a great time getting there! We have entered our first bike in some bike shows and have done well. In retrospect I think that both of us wish we had gotten behind bars sooner.

So, why a blog? Primarily I do this “blog stuff” because I like to document things. I have always enjoyed reading about what people do (I have a BA in History) and thought that I should do the same. While I never thought that this activity would go much beyond my immediate family, I have been pleasantly surprised by the attention the blog has received. It has resulted in thousands of views a month and a gig as a host on a weekly motorcycle internet radio show (The Dawg House).


Debbie and I, Solomon Island, MD


The Dawghouse started as a regular, terrestrial, radio show on one of the most popular radio stations in the Washington DC metro area, WJFK.  But the radio station changed its format, motorcycle racing and culture was not part of that new formant and the Dawghouse was dropped.  After that the show moved to the internet and has never looked back. 

Broadcast live Tuesdays from 6-8PM (Eastern Standard Time) the show’s podcasts are downloaded from the website, iTunes and other podcast sharing sites tens of thousands times each week.

The DawgHouse covers motorcycle racing of all types: MotoGP, Super Cross, AMA Daytona Sportbike, AMA Superbike, British Sport Bike (with its own reporter), Flat Track, Motorcross .  We also discuss new developments with all the major and minor manufactures as well as general motorcycle news and culture (or lack thereof on individual cases) from around the world. 

One of the best descriptions of the show comes from the NTNradio.com website “A completely irreverent, totally biased, intellectually challenged and scornful study of the twisted life of the motorcycling world and those who inhabit our planet… all wrapped up in a disturbing weekly LIVE broadcast!”



  1. BigLizzy says:

    My biker friends! Thanks for visiting BigBodyBeautiful and liking my post on riding ma HOG. I love your blog, too. It’s very nicely done. I’m with you. I just want 2 ride! I wish I could do just that and not have to work, but work is how I afford these expensive Harleys. If you’re ever in Sedona, look me up so we can ride together, friends! Love, BigLizzy

  2. ballerina95 says:

    Thanks for dropping by my page. You have two things in common with the hubby, motorcycles and the army 🙂 Keep riding.

  3. Mike G. says:

    Hey! I was in the Army for a short while (Ft. Lewis)…my wife and I have been DoD civilians for the past 29 years..I am eligible to retire later this year. She doesn’t ride but I do…a lot 🙂

    Since you are in NOVA, please check out my website for ride ideas in our State (MD):

    Love your idea of a bucket list. Making one myself for when I retire. Told my wife to expect me to be gone for quite awhile to do some cross country traveling. She is completely ok with it haha.

    Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway…two of my favorite places to ride in the States.

    Take care and ride safely!!!


    • Hi Mike,

      I retired in 2008 after 25! I booked marked your website, nice! I have ridden several of those rides in the capitol area already, but there are a few that I will be trying out this summer. I am also going to attempt to hit all the C&O canal sites that are accessible by street bike this summer.

      The bucket list is getting longer, and I am not knocking off as many as I hoped LOL Maybe one or two this summer. If you didn’t, check out the motorcycle rides section, I usually write a little about every ride we take.

    • Great page! I hope to one day have my blog be as nice looking and informative as yours! Keep up the good work! We should ride sometime… I’m not far from Frederick, MD.

  4. Lois says:

    Hi Warren

    My name is Lois from Motolegends and I have been enjoying reading your blog. Great photos of your canal road trip and also the Skyline Drive. They gave me some serious wanderlust.

    Here at Motolegends we are huge fans of custom bikes, so much so we launched a competition where you could win our Triumph Bonneville that we’ve had customised to look exactly like the bike David Beckham rode on his adventures around the Amazon in his BBC documentary Into the Unknown. We researched the look, sourced parts and with help from our mates at FCL Motorcycles, Cranleigh we’ve now got a pretty good looking bike that’s as close to the original as we could make it.

    I’d love for you to consider sharing our press release or our Beckham Scrambler article in 10 easy steps with your UK readers, for their chance to win this fab custom Bonneville. If you need any further information from me just let me know, I have lots of hi-res images that I can share as well should you need them. Competition details are here: http://www.motolegends.com/Info/david-beckham-bike.html

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Kind regards


  5. Roos Ruse says:

    What a great idea you had here! Clearly it caught on. I love to ride (just not in back) and come from a family of bikers. Since I don’t have a ride, don’t have a bike right now but I’m a CMA member/supporter, I suppose I’m just an old, die-hard bike enthusiast. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. David says:

    Motorcycles are a thing of love. This blog is so informative and helpful. I gather many important tips and information to read this website. Thanks for making,,, keep gooing…..

  7. David Caputo says:

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  8. Celcamp says:

    Great site! I hope someday my blog will be just as nice and informative:)))

  9. Mark Neighbor says:

    Got some thoughts about cold weather riding? Have a low limit? What say you about a ‘Polar Bear Ride’ on or about the Winter Solstice? (winter weather pending) Mine is generally 40, gives enough of a buffer from encountering black ice in shadow spots.

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