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2014 Harley Davidson FXDL Low Rider

[in your best Scottish accent, aka Mr. Scott from Star Trek] “Cap’n I am given her all I can, but if the engine and frame reach a resonant frequency of 5800 RPMs…the engine could shut down!”

All kidding aside a recall that started in Australia a few weeks ago (and reported on The DawHouse #269) has made it to America.  Apparently it is possible that the engine vibration at 5800 RPMs could cause the ignition switch to move to the ACC position shutting down the motor.  I am sure we all know what could happen if you were doing 80 MPH in the center of a multi-lane highway, just in front of a Tractor Trailer and the engine clicked off….not a pretty picture!

The NHTSA has issued campaign number 14V413000 that affect 3,361 2014.5 Dynas, built between 1/6/2014 and 6/19/2014, in the US (and based on fact that they were recalled in Australia I assume all 2014.5 Dyna motorcycles are affected).

This recall is self-reported by HD.  It first found the problem at the end of March 2014 when a bike turned itself off while on a dynamometer.  Further testing determined that this was a true safety issue and they reported the recall to the NHTSA at the beginning of July.

Owners may contact Harley-Davidson customer service at 1-800-258-2464.

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RollingThunderRussBrownEagle2014-NEW-600x350This coming weekend, May 25th, is Rolling Thunder in Washington DC. In addition to the ride itself there are a lot of other, smaller events in the DC metro area that feed on the biker traffic that Rolling Thunder brings to the area.

Some of the other events in the area are:

Thunder Ally – The OFFICAL vendor location for Rolling Thunder is located at 22nd St. and Constitution Ave in the city. It is open Saturday-Monday.

HOG Pin Stop – At Washington Harley Davidson, plus they have vendors and bands at the dealership.

Candlelight Vigil 9PM Friday the 23rd of May at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Ride of the Patriots at Patriot HD in Fairfax VA, is an event that covers all four days of the Memorial Day weekend.

Lots of the local bike dealers have their own Rolling Thunder related events. Check your favorite bike shop’s website to see what is going on. For example, Hardcore Choppers is sponsoring their Operation Freedom Fest 2014 on the 24th.