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With the dearth of motorcycle related TV shows we can count on OCC to pop back on our sets. Love it or hate it OCC is coming back this time on the A&E Network.

While there is nothing on their website I have seen several adverts for the new show. You can check out the OCC-American Xtreme Facebook page for a little background.

The most obvious change from the older OCC variants to this Xtreme version is …. There is no Paul Jr in the cast. It looks like all the other regulars are back including Senior, Rick, Nick, Jason, and Jim Quin. Paul Jr’s brother Mikey is listed as part of the cast as well, which is good as Mikey always puts a spin on things that you might not expect.

But that is not the only big casting news Rusty Coones, late of Sons of Anarchy, is on the show as well. Guess the producers think the show needs another bit of spice. Rusty has a long past with motorcycles beyond SOA to include owing his own bike shop and running with the Hells Angles.

I have loved and barely liked the different OCC shows. Regardless of your thoughts on the Teutuls at least we get some new Motorcycle TV.

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