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Recently I and the other hosts from the ”DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio” show watched the motorcycle movie “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter”. The movie is an updated version of the original “On Any Sunday” which was filmed in 1971 and nominated for an Academy Award in 1972. The new movie was directed by the son of the original film, Dana Brown.

Dana’s “Next Chapter” follows a path similar to his fathers in that he works with the big names in modern motorcycling. People like Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison, Marc Marquez, Wayne Rainy, Dani Pedrosa and many others not so famous make up the cast. The movie has a heavy focus on motorcycling racing with MotoGP, Motorcross, Flat Track and other types of racing well represented.

The movie opens with a humorous moment of a dad filming his little daughter (4-5 years old). She is struggling to lift a mini bike but refuses any help, after getting it up and getting on her dad starts to talk to her when she takes off like a bullet. Dad drops the camera and you hear him trying to chase her down… it was much funnier in the movie. Next it moves on to Robbie Maddison riding through an Olympic style Bob Sled track and then jumping from a ski jump ramp. You may have seen this same footage on You Tube but it was SPECTACULAR on the big screen!

The filming of the entire movie was exceedingly well done and, if you can, you need to see it on the big screen. The section on motorcycles in Vietnam motorcycling was awesome but might underwhelm on a small screen. Check the film’s website to find out if it is coming to a theater near you soon unfortunately movies like this don’t spend much time on the big screen.

On the down side, movies like this need sponsorships to be made. Sponsors REALLY want their products portrayed and in this case they were, to the verge of being over the top. Red Bull, KTM and Skull Candy were all over the movie like sticky fingerprints on your face shield, I can’t blame them or the director for this as it is a necessary part of modern film making… but a lighter hand would have went a long way. Also, it would have been nice to get something from the east coast motorcycle scene in the final cut (maybe a scene from a DawgHouse broadcast LOL). These are the reasons I debated 4 or 5 stars, but the high quality won me over.

In addition to the racing the movie discusses how motorcycling families, overcoming disadvantages and just how motorcycles makes your life better.

5 star

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