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I have a lot more than 25,000 miles on my bikes. Heck, Debbie and I put on nearly 6500 miles on the bikes this year. But I just got around to submitting the paper work for the 25K award to the Harley Owners Group a few weeks ago.

This is the patch that you receive for this milestone. There is a matching pin that you can use as well. So now I have to update my biker/pirate vest! 😉

photo by scott massey

HOG 25,000 Mile Patch

harley owners group

The HOG life

After doing the math it was cheaper in the long run to join as a HOG life member.

I have no idea where I would wear the pendent/medal, guess I will put it in my dealer/event pin collection.  The patch I will put on my biker/pirate vest.  😉

The benefits of a life member are the same as a full member except I get the pin and patch… Oh, and do not have to pay the annual fees again.