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xmas 17Last year I offered a list so this year why not another?

These ideas are only to get you started.  Every rider is different.  These ideas are based on my thoughts from this past year. 

9.  Books about motorcycles – On a cold winters weekend a good book might be the ticket.  Recommendation:

revolutionary rideRevolutionary Ride, the latest book from Lois Pryce, “Revolutionary Ridedocuments her solo motorcycle expedition to and through Iran.  The book vividly recounts her story of finding the truth about the “real” Iran.  I reviewed this book here.


8. Motorcycle brake light flasher – Get your rider’s rear end noticed, in a good way, in traffic.  These devices flash your break lights for a few moments when ever your touch your brakes, giving the cars behind you notice you are stopping. Recommendation: 

z3Custom Dynamics Brake Light Flashers is the product that I purchased for my bike.  They make them for more than just Harley’s but not for all bikes.  You can read about my use of the flashers here. Check around for your biker’s make and model.

 z17. Headed Gear – Does your motorcyclist lament cold weather? Then some heated gear might help.  I don’t own any but it is on my personal list!  There are many different companies making heated gear.  Some gear are battery operated while other are plugged into the motorcycle.  At this point it is a personal taste of what to get and how it works. 

z46. Disc Brake Lock – Motorcycle thief is up all over Europe and in parts of the US.  A disc brake lock in and of itself might slow down thieves but as part of a thought out package it might have them moving on to easier targets. Locks come in all colors and shapes some even have load sirens to further deter the bad guys.  

z55. Replacement Gear – Take a look at the gear your rider wear the most, does it need replacement.  Jackets, riding pants, and gloves are all good candidates for checking out and replacing as necessary.


z64.  Motorcycle Art or Household Items – Does your rider have a man cave, or maybe wishes for one?  Well every man cave needs some motorcycle themed items or art. I did a post a while back about a man cave bathroom.

 3. Ride Maps – These are maps made specifically for motorcyclist and showcase all the fun and interesting roads. Now in the age of computers and GPS why buy a paper based map?  IMHO there is something to be said for looking at a map on a cold, rainy day planning out the next epic ride. Recommendation:

          Mad Maps

 2. Helmet – Is your biker’s helmet more than 5 years old?  If so ask some sneaky questions to find out what they like in a helmet.  Full face, modular, open face, there are so many possibilities… maybe a gift certificate for a helmet might be better. 

1.  Membership in the AMA – That is the American Motorcycle Association not the medical association (or the version of the AMA in your area).   Membership not only gets you things like emergency towing it gets you a voice in Washington DC.  The AMA is the biggest (but not the only) motorcycle lobbyist group trying to protect your right to ride.  This is, most likely the most important motorcycle gift idea on the list!Motorcycle, motorcycling, Harley, Harley Davidson, café racer, café motorcycle, motorcycle safety, motorcycle advocacy, congress, Motorcycle Ride, motorcycle riding, hog, hd, custom motorcycle, harley owners group

OldManAndHarleyI recently read the book “The Old Man and the Harley” by John Newkirk.  In the simplest terms it is a son’s tailing of his father’s 1939 cross country trip from the New York World’s Fair to the San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition.  But, as is nearly anything, it is a bit more complex than a cross county motorcycle ride.

Mr. Newkirk rides the same route his father took and weaves, fairly well, this father’s story of pre-war America with what he finds during his own trip.  The description of how his father prepared for the trip and how he had to overcome the hardships of the open rode in 1939 are an enjoyable read.

Some of the “today” highlights for me were; rolling up to a WWII memorial service, meeting Jane Fonda, and attempting to convert a Che Guevara follower.  From his father’s journey I enjoyed; how he got the bike, rolling into Sturgis before the rallies began and the story of his cousin who was part of the “Flying Tigers”.

I purchased the electronic version of the book and read it on my iPad.  Overall I enjoyed the story and can recommend that you read it as well.  You can get more information from the books website here.


harley owners group

The HOG life

After doing the math it was cheaper in the long run to join as a HOG life member.

I have no idea where I would wear the pendent/medal, guess I will put it in my dealer/event pin collection.  The patch I will put on my biker/pirate vest.  😉

The benefits of a life member are the same as a full member except I get the pin and patch… Oh, and do not have to pay the annual fees again.