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Vintage BMW Motorcycle in Legos!!!  A “Lego Master” from Taiwan creates a brick masterpiece.  He created a 1967 BMW R60/2 with working suspension, steering plus all the hoses and cables.  It took 3 months and over 700 bricks to create this wonderful piece of art.

Another Electric Motorcycle Manufacture Runs Out of Power. Sad to report Alta Motors is closing its doors.  Their Red Shift looked to be an awesome machine, winning a bunch of races.  It had a deal with Harley Davidson that fell though, which may have had some impact. 

Speaking of Electric Motorcycles…Really? $120,000? Comes with an Iron Man style HUD helmet and a haptic (physical) feedback system built into the matching jacket. Oh and you get a high performance motorcycle too.

The other Milwaukie Motorcycle.  Did you know that Royal Enfield has it’s US Headquarters in Milwaukie?  Nothing like looking at the big boy down the block!

The Best Driving (riding?) Roads in the UK.


OEM Applications 2 different approaches ….  Ducati v. Yamaha (RevZilla). 



Passed by a station wagon… at 300KPH / 186 MPH


A “drunk” Yamaha motorcycle sets land speed record! HEY, hold by vodka and watch this!



An Art-Deco Masterpiece of motorcycle design.  Introduced at the 1929 Paris Motor Show the Majestic was a sells flop.  Would it be a flop today?



First Yamaha now BMW!  Do we need self-driving motorcycles? I mean REALLY GUYS…All Hail SKYNET!!!!  I really hope these self-driving motorcycles are just thought experiments.  Would you “ride” a self-driving motorcycle?  If you could not do it yourself why not take the self-driving car?  At least you would not get wet.






With May nationally recognized, in the US, as Motorcycle Safety Month I thought it might be an interesting idea to look at the future.  What are some of the safety features that might be appearing for motorcyclists in the near future?   

One place to look is the safety features in the automotive industry.  A lot of safety features have already crossed over from cars to high end motorcycles, think ABS, and those features are working their way into becoming standard features in most bikes.  So what is the next big safety feature to cross over?  It might be one, or all, of these: 

Honda-blind-spot-detector-patent-1Blind Spot Monitoring – Honda, BMW and others are working on migrating the technology to motorcycles.  Honda recently requested a patent for a system of camera and millimeter microwave transceivers to help the rider know what is in the blind spot.   

Heads Up Displays (HUDS) – Multiple developers are working on this technology.  One of the more famous is Skully and their smart helmet. Some of these products are already out there but at higher end price points.  In a year or three I expect these costs to go down. 

BMW-Motorcycle-SOS-Intelligent-Emergency-Call-01Emergency Accident Notification – Think “On Star” here in North America. BMW has a big push to introduce their “SOS System” which, similar to a car, is made up of multiple sensors and a mobile phone connection. There is also several other products that connect to your phone via a fob or other device, but I think the BMW system is the first one I have seen integrated into the bike itself. 

Additionally, I think we can expect more trickle down technology to get to the average person’s price point.  As I mentioned above ABS is appearing on more and more motorcycles and in some parts of the world will even be mandatory.  So what other safety features or items might make to the point of ubiquity and reasonable cost for motorcycles?  How about:

LED lights – Yes they have been around for a while, but they are not yet on a majority of bikes.  In a few more years I think all new bikes will come with LED lights. I recently put all LEDs on the back of my bike.

Adaptive headlights – These are the headlights that move a bit to help you see while cornering. BMW, KTM and a few others are experimenting with these lights but I do not think they are coming as original equipment on any motorcycle yet.  BUT if you want it now you can buy aftermarket and install adaptive headlights yourself.

4Smart helmets – Although they typically include HUD, smart helmets are a lot more.  Some offer dynamic noise cancelation, rear facing video, connections to phones, bike to bike communication, etc., etc. You just have to decide how much “connectivity” you want while riding, how much before it become a distraction to you.  I like the concept of a smart helmet but I have not yet had the opportunity to test one out.  

giorgi1Airbags – A few years ago Honda came out with airbags for their Goldwing. I really have not heard much about bike mounted airbags since. But airbags embedded in jackets has started to take hold in the market place.  First introduced for racing, you can now buy, for a bunch of money, for normal street riding.

Traction Control – Or launch control, or one of several other names.  This is on a lot of higher end sport bikes now and some large touring bikes.  It would be a safe bet that in a few years it will be extremely widespread and maybe even mandated.

Automatic tire pressure gauge – Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda and others all have these built into their higher end bikes.  So there is no reason to think that we will not see them on a lot more bikes in the future.

Cornering ABS – Smarter ABS, a system that knows you are in a turn and adjusts the braking to maximize its impact without affecting your turn.

Smart Helmets/HUD            Adaptive Headlights

BMW HUDS                       JW Speaker Adaptive Headlight 


Intelligent Cranium              Airbags

Sena Smart Helmet              Alpinestars Tech Air Street

Samsung                              Dainese D-Air Street


Debbie and I attended the largest Motorcycle Show and Expo in the mid-Atlantic region a few weeks ago.  Held at the Maryland State Fairground, I think there were more folks at this year’s expo than attended in 2015.   

As has been in past years Harley Davidson of Baltimore took the premier spot on the floor, directly inside the entrance.  As we walked through the Harley display it looked like they were even selling one or at least were in serious negotiations.  Just behind the HD exhibition were the Indian and BMW Motorrad displays.  Turning to the right and moving like salmon swimming upstream is the accessories and product section.  

Ijustwant2ride.comThere were all the normal stuff like jackets, vests, chaps and biker themed jewelry.  One vendor caught my eye was producing, on site, LED signs… we might be ordering one or two of those as gifts.  At the end of the road contestants for the Miss Timonium title were “showing their talents” to the crowd.  Debbie was not too impressed, I tried to not let on I was watching, LOL!

 ijustwant2ride.comSimilar to last year the Expo was including adventure traveling companies & vendors along with guest speakers.  Debbie and I stopped and listened to the “2 Ride the World” discussion. Their 13 year, 400,000 mile, around the world story compressed into a 30 minute confab was very entertaining, and left the audience wanting more.  Highly recommend you check out their story!  I am looking forward to a book or even a movie! 

ijustwant2rideThe organizers also had, similar to the adventure traveling section, an area where vendors were showing off their new stuff on stage. We stopped to find out what Sena was releasing in the New Year.  Turns out they are going to release their own “smart” helmet with active noise cancellation and full integration of their product line.  If you are invested in the Sena products you should check out this new helmet when it arrives, cost will be about $500US.

Ijustwant2ride.comMy highlight of the day occurred at the KTM display.  As we were walking buy Debbie remarked that KTM was the bike that Ryan Dungy of Supercross rode (a 450) and that she wanted to see what that bike looked like in person.  She walked up to the salesman and asked if they had one at the show, they didn’t but a minute later she was climbing on a KTM 350 of similar size.  I almost laughed when the guy looked at me with a “how does she know all this Supercorss stuff” look on his face.

 The bikes on display for show were all very nice and some were just plain spectacular. The custom “muscle bagger” by Sick Sledz took best in show!  I have a couple pictures of it just below.  

We spent about four hours looking at all the stuff on the floor before heading home.  I hope this year’s event was a success for the vendors and show participants.  Debbie and I had a good time and plan on going back in 2017.

BMW recalls 300,000 R and K motorcycles

BMW recalls 300,000 R and K motorcycles


That is a bunch of bikes and is a worldwide recall.


The issue for this recall is over “The rear wheel flange that may crack as result of brake disc bolts or wheel nuts being over-tightened”. The recall begins with R and K series motorcycles built between November 2003 and April 2011. BMW Motorrad will replace the rear wheel flange as a precaution.

BMW states: “Based on ongoing quality analyses, it was found that in the case of incorrectly carried-out maintenance work excessive torque may be applied to the brake disk bolts or to the nuts when changing wheels, contrary to the values specified in the BMW Motorrad repair instructions or operating instructions.”

“Cracks and damage can occur in the wheel flange as a result of excessive torques. BMW Motorrad has therefore decided to exchange the wheel flange with a more robust part as a precaution.”

If you want to check for your particular motorcycle check out . You will need to enter your VIN number to get results for your bike.

The DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

This week show was a bit out of the normal.

Phil is still out (supporting his mom and dad) for a couple more weeks and with the bad weather here in in Northern Virginia we decided to do the show remotely. There was no live broadcast, it was about an hour long and we recorded via Skype so the quality is not as high as normal.

Click this link to get to DAWGHOUSE MOTORCYCLE RADIO SHOW #297

This week we discussed:

A man, struck way lane-splitting in the UK, was awarded $10 million.

When love of motorcycling and love of your spouse goes a little too far.

Are your accessories secured?

Breaking News…. Phil takes a bike out of the WienerMobile!!

Tips for Buying a Helmet

Entry Level BMW?

AMA Supercross Arlington Texas.

Ducati’s first totally new GP bike since the Audi acquisition, the GP15, debuted in Sepang and it looks like Ducati may give Yamaha & Honda some competition.

Although I think they omitted the motorcycles from the World Wars….. hummm

A few days ago I posted about a movie I ran across Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs a documentary on dogs that ride in the side car.

Now I have a run across another move. In Best Bar in America a writer is motorcycling across the west in a writing assignment to find the best bar in America. The trailer really intrigued me and you might be interested in it as well, or not.  I will order both right after the New Year starts and let you know what I think about them.


BMW Logo 3

If you have a 2013 C600 Sport, C650GT, F700GS, F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F800GT, R1200R and R1200GS you are recalled because BMW said that 100% of the bikes are affected.  Affected by what, a faulty side stand switch.

The recall states “water may enter the side-stand switch preventing the motorcycle from starting or potentially shutting off the motorcycle while it is being ridden.” This may not be a good thing if your scooter shuts down right in front of a big truck!

BMW became aware of the defect in mid-2013 and report that they are unaware of any accidents or deaths due to the faulty switch.  Well at least not until the law firm of “Dewy, Cheatum and How” gets wind of this! Owners may contact BMW at 1-800-831-1117.

UPDATE: As pointed out by others… I forgot to post some information. The recall  is NHTSA Campaign Number: 14V065000.   This LINK should take you to the NHTSA site for the recall if not just use the number for the search.   Sorry for leaving that out

I am sure the switch is here somewhere!

bmw motorcycleIf you own a BMW F800S or F800ST built 2007-2009 you should know that National Highway Transportation Administration has issued a recall.

The recall is due to “incorrect tolerances, the rear wheel drive bearing and rear axle may wear”.  The bearing and axle ware, due to the bad tolerances, could increase the risk of a crash.  If you have one of these motorcycles you can contact BMW at 1-800-525-7417 or email BMW at