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Santa’s helpers at Hardcore Choppers Xmas Party

This past weekend I attended the Hardcore Choppers Christmas Party.  Alfredo (the owner) had transformed his garage into the party space for the evening.  He had setup a display area for some of his custom bikes, an area for the “casino games”, and put the bar and bands in the back.

Alfredo had three bands, all of which were good.  Debbie could not come to the party so I brought my buddy Ron (he is not as good looking as Deb).  We played the games, listened to the bands, drank the free drinks, and generally had a great time.    If you are in the Northern Virginia you should stop by and visit Hardcore Choppers and check out Alfredo and crew!

flyer3_finalIf you are live in the Northern Virginia area check this out.  Hardcore Choppers is having a holiday party at their shop on Saturday December the 7th.  I have had a bunch of work on my bikes performed by Hardcore Choppers and it has all been top notch.

Check out their website to see the many custom bikes they have turned out!