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1381567_665545136813772_1486441758_nAs I noted in an earlier post the Velocity Channel’s Café Racer starts in its new season this November.  But new details have been released as to what the new season looks like.

For starters the show is now one hour long. Some of the “famous” folk that are highlighted are Jay Leno, Katee Sachoff, Travis Pastrana, Giovani Ribisi to name a few.

But it is still going to highlight builders and makers of the Café Racer.

Motorcycle Apartment Complex

Motorcycle Apartment Complex

Whether you are a biker, rider or motorcyclist this apartment complex is for us. Ride a sport bike a cruiser or a touring bike you can fit it here. I can’t read Japanese but the pictures alone make me want to check it out.

More photos are available on the Facebook page.

Looks a little spartan by US standards but for a lot of us this is better than any “bachelor’s pad” I ever saw.  If someone has seen an English translation of the text please post a link.


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dgrI have never heard of this motorcycle ride before but I am very intrigued.  I ran across the link in while just surfing around and I think I may participate in next year’s event, if there is one.

You get dressed in nice clothes and ride your bike in support of several charities.  I like the idea and will be keeping an eye on their website and the local groups Facebook page.

According to their website the event began in 2012 and has now spread to over 100 cities.  This year they raised over $250,000 dollars supporting Prostate Cancer Foundations in several countries.

If you have time check out their website! (the photos are from the DRG website and the DGR Washington DC Facebook site)


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