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…. the Task Force’s presentation to the CDC in October 2013 “links the adoption of universal helmet-use laws to a potential reduction in motorcycle riding, which would help meet the CDC’s goal to reduce injuries and fatalities”….

I am so happy that the AMA is jumping in this issue! They have sent a letter to the CDC asking for meeting to discuss the issue. As I noted in earlier posts (here, here, and here), it is my opinion that this is the first strike to make motorcycling a bad health choice just like cigarettes, soda and trans fats.

The AMA has created a FAQ that attempts to inform us of what they are concerned regarding this issue.

As a community we need to make sure that motorcycling stays out of the health care debate. Please contact your congressional representatives (202-224-3121) and ask them to keep the CDC out of motorcycle safety issues. Motorcycle, motorcycling, Harley, Harley Davidson, café racer, café motorcycle, motorcycle safety, motorcycle advocacy, congress, Motorcycle Ride, motorcycle riding, hog, hd, custom motorcycle, harley owners group