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allstate rider risk map

The risky location I flagged.

Earlier this year the Allstate Insurance Company introduced a Facebook app to help riders identify risky areas in which we ride (North America only).  The application also allows us to identify new high risk areas on the “Rider Risk Map”.

The application allows users to flag locations that they deem dangerous to motorcycle riders.  In addition to flagging the location you can also post pictures and comments to further articulate the risk at that location.

I installed the application and found two riders had identified two locations in my area as dangerous.  I concur with both those locations.  I added a third location at point of rock where Route 15 south enters the round-about.  There are many close calls at that point and motorcyclists should be over cautious at that spot!

Allstate has several other applications for riders available including a Facebook page called “Allstate Motorcycles”.  I will cover some of these applications in future posts.

2 million

Permit or not it is happening.

FOX 5 TV has covered the ride on their website.  The still pictures are the riders outside of Fort Washington Harley Davidson, which is just outside Washington DC.

The Facebook page for the rides sponsor, 2 Million Bikers to DC, is also being updated.