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Over the years we have be given or bought a few motorcycle Christmas ornaments. This year my wife decided that we needed to have a motorcycle Christmas tree to display said decorations. Most of the ornaments are Harley Davidson related, as that is what we ride, but thought you might be interested anyway.

Well, the low beam burned out on our Electra Glide Limited a few days ago so it was time to attempt to swap it our ourselves (with a little help from our dog Emmy).

After a quick visit to Frederick Harley Davidson for a new bulb, I checked on-line for some tips to how to proceed, there were not many.  I was really worried a bit that I would have to remove the fairing to replace the bulb, but it turned out that was not the case….you just need three hands (and a paw).

The first step was to remove the outer chrome bezel by removing one screw and a short clockwise twist.  Removing that bezel revealed an inner one holding the light housing on with three screws, (note leave the top one for last(.

After the housing was pulled free, there is a wire spring that holds the bulb unit in the housing, the bulb is released by sliding the spring from its catch.  The bulb itself is released by pressing in on the detents on each side of the plug.

Making sure my skin did not touch the new bulb’s glass (the oils from our skin will decrease the life of the bulb I am told) I traced back the disassembly to assemble the light again. I did use blue Loctiite to ensure that the screws would not vibrate loose.  There was just one item that gave me a bit of concern and that was the wire spring on the inside of the outer bezel.  I was not sure where the spring was to align and just took my best guess.  I will keep a close eye on that part for the next few weeks to make sure it stays in place.

All in all it took the three of us about 30 minutes to swap out the bulb and get on the road again.

…nowhere in particular.  We did not start out that way; we had intentions of riding to Camp David (the presidential retreat in Maryland). I know that we would not get in to Camp David but riding up to the gate would have been cool.  But, speaking of cool, it was anything but, by 10AM it was 85 degrees with 95 the high. So we thought better and decided to run around with no particular destination in mind.

115 miles later we had passed through a dozen small towns in Maryland and Virginia including Lovettesville, Point of Rocks, Poolsville, Brunswick, and Frederick.  We stopped at the Monocacy Aqueduct (part of the C&O Canal) and dipped our feet into the cool water of the Monocacy River while sitting in the shade of the aqueduct itself. It was a fascinating notion that we were, basically, setting under what use to be a river that flowed over a river to move goods to and from Washington DC in the 1800’s.

While we were in Frederick we stopped by Frederick Harley Davidson. At the dealership we bought a magnetic tank pouch (part number 76000193) to hold my phone to the tank. I wanted this in order to connect the phone, and its music, to the Aux input with more ease vice pulling the cord to my rear pocket.

The pouch held very tightly to the tank and the neoprene like surface between the tank and the magnets gives me faith that the pouch will not mare the paint. The clear face of the pouch allows the user interact with the device. The only draw back is that in the heat of that day the phone got very hot, which killed the battery quite fast. Now I need to get a USB port to push into the cigarette lighter and a cord to charge the phone while it is playing.

After visiting the dealership we had lunch at the Mariachi restaurant. We have eaten there in the past and the food has been good today, maybe because we were so hot, it was only ok.

In the end Debbie and I had a nice day out on the bike going

nowhere in particular.