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As noted in an earlier post I took the Army motorcycle into Frederick HD to fix a fuel leak.  The check value (part #14 in the image below) part of the fuel line was weeping gas when the bike was off and dripping when it was running.

Turns out that there are two “O” rings that complete the seal when the fuel line is attached and make everything work.  According to the folks at the dealership they replaced both O rings, essentially rebuilding the quick disconnect.  The cost was $26 dollars; my extended warranty has a deductible of $50.  So, for once, I did not have a repair bill of HD (hundred dollars)!

The leaky part!

photo by warren massey

As I mentioned in my last post I took the Army Bike in for to fix a fuel leak and to get its 30K service. While I was checking the bike into the dealership a gentlemen approached, admiring the bike.

We spoke for a few minutes and then we shook hands. During the handshake he passed a challenge coin. Turns out he is with the Patriot Guard Riders. It was the first challenge coin I have received in a while.

For those of you who do not know what a challenge coin is it is a medallion that typically bares the unit or organizations insignia. The coins are typically handed out on a limited basis during special event or when an individual performs a task at a high level. You can read more about the history of the coin here.

I seems that after 28,500 miles the quick connect on the fuel line has decided to leak. I detached and reattached the line several times to no avail. It is a constant weeping when the bike is off and a dripping leak when it under power.  The service manual did not provide any real info on this issue and looking at the different boards it was not in skill set to repair. Not happy about it but, this is one of the reasons I bought the extended warranty.

So this evening I dropped it of at Frederick HD not only for the fuel issue but for them to perform the 30K mile service. I am only about 1500 miles short of the service point so I thought do it now or bring in back in a couple months.

Anyway, with some luck I will get my bike back tomorrow and be riding Sunday afternoon!WP_20131221_12_02_33_Pro