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Women have been riding motorcycles from the start.  While men my dominate the motorbike culture, women have always been there having fun and enjoying the two wheel life.

I am not here to give you a play by play of the women who have sent motorcycle records, but I thought you might enjoy some pics from times past and the women who were there…. On their motorcycles.



Bored, can’t go for a motorcycle ride because of the stupid COVAD-krap?  Already colored in the Yamaha motorcycle coloring book?

The folks over at Royal Enfield have put up a 10 question quiz to challenge your motorcycle history skills.  Some were easy like “When did Royal Enfield first make a motorcycle?”, and some were not easy but you will need to take the quiz to find out.

I scored 8 out of 10.  Not to bad.

Let us know how well you scored (but no cheating)!