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As we are in Motorcycle Helmet Safety Month, I thought we should revisit the proper fitment of your helmet.

Unfortunately, not every helmet will fit every head. Each helmet will have a sizing guide to help you ensure your head is safe and snug inside.

Sizing your Skull

When you measure your head, wrap the tape measure starting about ½ inch above your eyebrow. Next, loop it around your head, at the largest point keeping it above your ears. 

Two recommendations with the tape measure, get a friend to help you you’re your buddy can make sure the tape measure is in the right spot.  Also, measure your skull three times then calculate the average to get a closer measure of your head.

If your melon falls between two sizes of your motorcycle helmet of choice go with the smaller size.

Shape of your skull

This one is a bit harder.  Most motorcycle helmet makers really, truly do not consider the shape of our braincases.

While all human heads are, for the most part, oval, some are more round while others can be more elongated. The shape of your skull impacts how your helmet will fit.

You will have to try on a properly sized helmet to see if it fits your individual dome!

Trying the Helmet On

Does your new candidate helmet feel a little tight?  If so, that is good! Feeling a little tight or a touch uncomfortable is ok but, it should not be inducing any pain to the back of your gourd, your temples, or your forehead. Any hotspots or truly uncomfortable pressure points will be a guarantee of a miserable ride.

If it is feeling tight but not duly uncomfortable (the padding should adapt over time) now, try turning the motorcycle helmet right and left then tilting it forward and back.  If the helmet moves over your skin freely it is too big, try a smaller size.

If it seems to fit well, try to keep it on for at least 10-15 minutes. Does it still feel good? When you take it off are there any hotspots or rub marks?  If not you may have a winner. If you are having comfort issues the helmet just might be the wrong shape for your head.

Try to Pull the Helmet Off

Last step, if everything else seems to be working as it should, reach over your head and grasp the bottom/back of the helmet.  Try pulling it up and over your head.  If it comes off, try a different size.

Final thoughts

While these are my recommendations, please do your own research on proper fitment.  There are as many fitment recommendations as makers of motorcycle helmets.

Use these suggestions as a way to get started with getting a good fit.  Never trust just one website, look at as many sources of information to make sure you fully understand.

Also, you can use these fitment techniques as a starting point to determine if your current motorcycle helmet is still good to go.  Can you pull your current helmet over and off your head?  Might be a good time to replace your primary safety device.

Ride On, Ride Safe

Example of bad fitment!