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Saint Florian – the Patron Saint of Firefighters

By the title of the movie, you can guess this is a film about a firefighter motorcycle club.  You would be right, but there is a lot more to it than just a motorcycle club movie.

This is a movie more about the mental health aspects of first responders and what they bring home after years of service.  How PTSD is impacting their lives and that of their families and the fact that they find it difficult to deal with the issues while on duty.

That said…. This is a difficult film to watch.

The Florian Knights were formed in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada by an active firefighter. It was his attempt to create a group of motorcyclists to ride with and to talk about the hard stuff, away from work. Each of the members of this chapter had a reason, beyond riding, to join the club.

A year or so later, in New York City, another firefighter was starting a riding club with the same name, Florian Knights. When he found out that there was already a firefighter motorcycle club by that name, they decided to open a new chapter to help fulfill the same purpose.

My motorcycle is my medicine.

Many of the Florian Knights, throughout the movie, comment that motorcycling helps cope with their stress and PTSD. This is where the first twist in the movie occurs.

The film switches from a documentary of the two clubs to an actual scientific study of motorcycling on the brain.  A Doctor of Psychology wants to track brain patterns and uses many members of the clubs as test subjects.  Putting on wired caps under their helmets to track how their brains worked while riding.

No surprise to us, motorcycling reduces stress by 28% according to the study.

Right after this segment the movie takes a second, harsher, twist.  This twist I am not going to describe as I will leave it to you to create your own take away. I am also not going to rate this motorcycle move as I don’t think it can judge it on a normal scale, it is just so different.

What do you think of how this motorcycle movie ends? Let me know in the comments.