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Ken’s News:

Charity motorcycle stolen in Brooklyn, New York.

Rocket powered motorcycle from the 1920s.

Massachusetts woman decides backing over cop is a good idea.

Speeding on crack – why didn’t I think of that?

 Warren’s News:

Sold your bike… better cancel the insurance!!!!

Supercharged Ninja imminent

HD CVO owners hot over coolant

New Indian off the reservation Scout

3 Terrific Charity Rides and 3 Rallies in the DC Metro Area.

Racing News:

MotoGP & Moto2 from Silverstone.

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Racing News:

AMA Motocross Utah National.

Picks for MotoGP from Silverstone

British Sport Bike Report


Ken’s News:

Be careful riding in South Carolina.

Riding with the Oxen…sort of.

Google prepares to take over your bike…literally.

Autonomous bike

Batman rides a Can-Am Spyder?









Warren’s News:

Sturgis 2014 Stats

Motorcyclist’s Magazine Motorcycles of the Year.

RECALLED Motorcycle or Car? In the US look up your VIN.

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