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tsThis past weekend I attended the Timonium Motorcycle Show.  This is one of it not the largest motorcycle event held in the mid-Atlantic region during the winter season.  This was the first time I have attended and not knowing if the crowd was good or not I asked a few of the vendors.  Almost all the vendors stated that it was average compared to the 2013 event. The show is split between two buildings, which is why I never felt that overly crowded but I did, occasionally, have to wait to get a picture.

The show is held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, which is about an hour from my home.  Traffic was light, by the Washington DC metro area standard, and I made it to and from the show with no issues.  Unfortunately, I dove the truck, the temperature was 24F when I left the house, which is not a great excuse for not riding but the best I have.

In addition to the bike show and standard vendors the sponsors brought in several celebrities including the International Bikini Team, Michele Smith, David Uhl and Paul Senior of OCC.  Mr. Uhl was a no show do to WP_20140208_10_53_11_Procanceled flight but the others were in attendance.  The line for the grip and great with Paul Sr was quite long and I just viewed from afar.

Michele, on the other hand was busy in her booth. She has quite the selection of female themed biker gear. Including the blinged out helmets in my pictures as well as a great variety of thongs.  Watching her handling the sheer thongs was….tantalizing!  LOL

The bike show itself was neat.  With over 40 classes there was something for everyone’s tastes.  I was very surprised by the way some of the folks laid out there display areas.  Turns out that there was also an award for best display and some entrants were going all out.

The show is a professionally judged event, not a peoples vote type of competition. The judging would not be completed until Sunday afternoon so I will have to wait to see who won from the website.  The biggest take away for me was that my customized Heritage would have a good chance at competing in the show, maybe next year.  And as for the display….anyone got a cheap camouflage net for sell?!?!