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100 evel

Evel moments before the crash landing at Caesars Palace.

The History Channel is planning 100 documentary shows portraying major events and figures of the last 100 years. The show is called “History 100” and one of the first will be Evel Knievel.

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem - Geneva 2015

This show will be a three-hour event that not only covers the life of Evel Knievel but will also include the recreation of three of Evel’s most iconic events in three hours.  Travis Pastrana will attempt to break Evel’s record by jumping over 50 cars, followed by 14 buses and then the Caesar’s Palace jump.

Of course Travis will have the benefit of modern motorcycle technology in attempting 100 scoutthis fearsome task.  By using the Indian FTR750 he will have a significant advantage that Evel never did.

The show will debut on Sunday the 8th of July so have your TV sets on or your DVR set.  Get the popcorn and set back for some interesting entertainment.

Bubba Blackwell at the Gas Monkey Garage.

Bubba Blackwell at the Gas Monkey Garage.

If you watch Fast n’ Loud you know that Richard and Arron do hot motorcycles in addition to hot cars.  So I am not surprised when they have a motorcycle themed show or event.

Looks like, according to Bubba’s Facebook page, that the Gas Monkeys will host stunt man extraordinaire Bubba Blackwell.  I think the show is going to air on the 5th of January, but check your local listing to be sure.

After a great period of motorcycle themed TV there has been a real dearth of shows featuring our avocation lately. As we all know ratings rule and that is way I always mention shows that feature motorcycles, motorcyclists or bikers in any significant way.

What you need to know is that he did his own stunts. Also, nice stunts for the 20s!