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The wife and I have had the Nolan N104 Evo motorcycle helmets for about half a year now. We have worn them in a large variety of conditions including 100+ degree (F) days, monsoon rains and cool but not yet frigid temperatures (I am sure we will get that soon here in North America).

OK…so what did we like about the helmet.

1) Fit was good. Tight but not uncomfortable. As we wear it more, the padding is conforming to our heads well.

2) Easy to use “controls” (sun shield, buckle system)

3) Ventilation was good, up to a point (see below).

4) Communications, the speakers could be of better quality but they work. The microphone is good, people could not tell I was on the bike when I made a phone call.

5) Not too heavy on our heads…at the end of a long ride we were not unduly tired.


Now what did we not like.

1) Ventilation, when the temps hit the upper 90s(F) and above the vents were not enough. Even locking the chin bar up (creating a ¾ helmet) it was not enough as the tight padding would not allow air to flow around our heads. Up to those temps the vents worked well and I had no issues. During one of our trips the temps were over 100 for many days… we had to get new half-helmets to compensate.

2) Fogging was an occasional minor issue. I am not a big fan of the pinlock system in general and I know this would fix my problem.

3) There is an occasional wind induced rattle that I cannot find or recreate…it just happens for no apparent reason at weird random times. The wife has not had this issue. UGH!!


Overall we like the helmet. Other than during high temps it is comfortable and works as advertised. At this point I would recommend the Nolan Helmet to friends with the caveat about the ventilation. I give the Nolan N104 four stars.

4 out 5 stars



The Nolan N104 Evo.