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As a topic of discussion on a recent “The Dawghouse Motorcycle News Rants and Racing” podcast, which has been around for more than six years now, we debated American Motorcycle Icons.  More to the point, just what are those icons?

To be defined as an American Icon we said it had to be:

1) American (duh)

2) Most if not all motorcyclists know about it.

3) A large number of non-bikers know about it.

Using that as a starting point we quickly realized that a lot of things that bikers might assume are iconic really aren’t.  For example Indian Motorcycles, a classic American bike (Check), most motorcyclists know that Indian is back (Check), non-riders…we think not so much.  You can check this yourself by asking a non-rider/follower what they think of when you say Indian.

Some of the others that were discarded included:

Rolling Thunder

Tail of the Dragon

Supercross (and, sadly, American motorcycle racing in general)

We also debated Sturgis and Daytona, I wanted to include Sturgis as an icon and Phil was adamant that Daytona Bike Week was much more famous then Sturgis.  Again, both are 100% pure American motorcycle events (Check) and most if not all bikers know about the events (Check). But will enough non-riders know about either of these events to rise to iconic status.  I say yes for Sturgis and Phil said yes for Daytona, but he is wrong of course! ☺

Soooo just what did we decide were true American Motorcycle Icons?  Excluding Sturgis and Daytona (because we agreed to disagree) we came up with the following American Motorcycling Icons:

Harley Davidson

Evil Kenivel

Hells Angels

Orange County Choppers

Surprised you with the last one?  Well consider this; the Teutul’s and OCC have been on television, in some form, for nearly 15 years.  OCC products have been in major stores like JC Penny and Wal-Mart.  The OCC brand is on all kinds of stuff even a roller coaster.  Which brings us to the icon requirements:  American made (check), do most if not all bikers know about OCC (check) and does a large number of non-riders know OCC…based on sells of merchandise (check).

Also, sadly, I think that Evil Kenivel’s status as an icon may be fading.  I am sure that most motorcyclists are still aware of his all-American daring deeds but as for the general public as a whole, less and less know who he is year to year.  In another generation he may have to come off the list.

Think any of those are wrong?  Did we miss something you think rises to the level of iconic? Sturgis or Daytona?  Let us know what you think.


KTM gets a very rude welcome in Germany

Remember Nub the painter from OCC shows?  

Robbie Maddison in a Bowler Hat surfing the Thames River 1960 style????

A 1927 Harley Davidson Side Car Racer up for sale.

100 years ago 2 sisters rode across the American Continent now 100 women are recreating


With the dearth of motorcycle related TV shows we can count on OCC to pop back on our sets. Love it or hate it OCC is coming back this time on the A&E Network.

While there is nothing on their website I have seen several adverts for the new show. You can check out the OCC-American Xtreme Facebook page for a little background.

The most obvious change from the older OCC variants to this Xtreme version is …. There is no Paul Jr in the cast. It looks like all the other regulars are back including Senior, Rick, Nick, Jason, and Jim Quin. Paul Jr’s brother Mikey is listed as part of the cast as well, which is good as Mikey always puts a spin on things that you might not expect.

But that is not the only big casting news Rusty Coones, late of Sons of Anarchy, is on the show as well. Guess the producers think the show needs another bit of spice. Rusty has a long past with motorcycles beyond SOA to include owing his own bike shop and running with the Hells Angles.

I have loved and barely liked the different OCC shows. Regardless of your thoughts on the Teutuls at least we get some new Motorcycle TV.

17724_10153114832663347_5838335798604790467_n 11406526_10153114833033347_8316014738928642946_o

The latest version of Paul Teutul Senior’s television career premiers tonight on CMT. Orange County Choppers will, based on what I have read and seen, will follow the same route as the previous incarnations of his shows.

From the CMT website about tonights show: “GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing in North America, approaches Paul Senior about building a bike for them. The only issue is they want it built in time to give it away to a veteran at Sturgis, which is only two and-a-half weeks away”



Apparently Paul Sr. will be back on TV building and riding motorcycles. County Music Television (CMT) while premier the latest incarnation of Orange County Choppers beginning this November.

I am not sure of the actual start date has their Orange County Choppers website has two different dates listed.On the website, at the top right corner it states the show starts November 16 while the “next airing” box tells us that it begins November 2nd. So “check your local listing” to find out when it will run in your area, but my best guess is the 16th.

CMT describes the show this way:

“Follow the world’s most renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer and its fearless leader, Paul Teutul Sr. with his team as they reach new extremes resulting in mind-blowing bikes and, of course, state-of-the-art drama.”

My prediction is that it will be no different than American Choppers or Sr Verses Jr. I predict that I will watch the dang thing and that I will like it despite not wanting to.


Vinnie DiMartino

Vinnie DiMartino was an integral part of rise of motorcycle TV.  He was on American Chopper and Orange County Choppers: Senior vs. Jr and was a great “character” to both shows.

I have always been interested in what was going on around Vinnie and this article explains what he has been doing post Senior vs. Junior.