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In an earlier post I wrote about motorcycle riding legend Peter Fonda suing Dolce & Gabbana because he “suffered injuries to his peace, happiness, feelings, goodwill”, among other things, because his image was being used without permission. Will now Harley Davidson is suing Urban Outfitters because Urban Outfitters has “mutilated” its trademarks.

The Motor Company filed the suit in Wisconsin (think they have a favorable venue?). What they are claiming is that Urban Outfitters took older HD, official, t-shirts removed the tags and labels and replaced them with their own. That was after they modified the shirts by removing the sleeves and necks, shredding the bottom and so on.

When I did a search on the Urban Outfitters website I received the following:

When I did a google search I found that this was what the company was selling:


An interesting article, from the online version of the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, concerning Mr. “Easy Rider” Peter Fonda.  Mr. Fonda is suing Dolce & Gabbana  because he has “suffered injuries to his peace, happiness, feelings, goodwill, reputation, image, loss of fair market value of his services, and dilution of his current and future publicity value,” resulting from their unlicensed sales of his image (from the Easy Rider movie) on $200 t-shirts.  If you want to see how much of a monetary value he places on his market value take a look at the article!

 I would have posted a picture of the t-shirts but I have no desire to further hurt Peter’s peace, happiness and good will.  😉