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Valerie Thompson,The Queen of Speed”, 7x Land Speed Record holder and motorcycle drag racer seems to always be going full out.  She is currently the World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer (304.263MPH check out the video at the bottom)!

Valerie has been feature in the 2013 file “Why We Ride” as well as TV programs “Mega Speed” and “Bonneville Stories”.  In addition to racing in the National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock Motorcycle drag races she and “Team 7 Racing” are preparing for their next land speed record.

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1)    What is the craziest thing you have done on or to a motorcycle?    

Valerie:  Racing on the street, which I regret. When I bought my first Harley, I wanted to see how quick it really was. Like many new riders, I could not resist the unrestrained power available with a twist of the wrist. After a couple of speeding tickets and the best advice I ever received, I went to the local drag strip to test how good I really was. That started my racing addiction, which I still chase today. 

2)    What is the third most important thing in your life?    

Valerie: Interesting question since it requires an answer to what are the first two things. The most important thing in my life is my family and husband, Ray, who has supported my speed dreams for over 7 years.  Second is achieving my goal of becoming the fastest motorcycle racer in the world with my most awesome Team ”7” Racing.  You don’t have enough time to hear all my other goals, but rest assured, my bucket list is very, very long.

 3)    What “Guinness” type world record would you like to break? 

Valerie: That’s simple — I would like to reclaim the World Record.  I share the same dream with everyone at Team “7” Racing — re-write motorsports history by making the “7” streamliner the world’s fastest motorcycle. To fulfill this dream, we must break the current Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) speed record of 376.363 mph (605.697 KMH) in 2017.  So far we are just 73 mph short of the record.  I’d also like to become the first person over 400 mph on a motorcycle.

4)    What is the longest trip, by motorcycle, that you have taken?   

Valerie: Unfortunately, I don’t have time for long road trips since I’m always on the road traveling to a race or special appearance. My longest trip is riding from Washington State to Oregon.   I don’t know what I enjoyed more … the serenity of riding, the stunning scenery or all the interesting people I met along the way. That’s what I love about riding and racing, you meet the most interesting and passionate people on earth.  

5) Where/what is the number one place you want to visit or ride on a motorcycle?

Valerie:  I’ve been very fortunate to have ridden some of the best cruising roads in the North America and Europe. However, my two favorite bike trips were in Germany and Slovenia, which have some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.  I always look forward to things I’ve never experienced and as the old saying goes, “There’s one thing I’ve never done and that is have too much fun.”

6) In the movie of your life, who would play you?   

Valerie: I’m not finished with life yet, so I can’t really answer that question properly. I have a lot more goals to achieve, so I have never given it much thought.  If I’m fortunate enough to have a movie done about my life, I can only hope it’s an actress who can convey my dedication to setting new records and ensuring my sponsors are happy. The best film of my life would include sponsors who say, “Valerie over-delivered on every promise she made and it was the best money we ever spent.” Without great sponsors, I could never have achieved what I set out to accomplish. I would truly love for a movie about my life to benefit my sponsors more than me. Without them, there would be no movie.” 

6 ½) If you could ask yourself an informative, direct, motorcycle related question, what would you ask and answer? Q & A 

Valerie: Why risk your life for world speed record on two wheels?   I thrive on a difficult task and being told, “you can’t do that.”  Life is much more interesting when you challenge yourself to accomplish something that has never been done before. As a good friend once said, “Life is not a practice session, experience all you can while here, we may not get a second chance to swing for the bleachers.” Some people answering this call choose to climb Mt. Everest, my choice is conquering the Salt Flats with my awesome crew at Team “7” Racing for another speed record.