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Saddlebag Lighting

As noted in a previous post, we had some work done on the Ultra Classic Limited. Today I will cover and review the Air Wing Saddlebag Lid Rail LED Light Kit (Part Number 68388-10) we had installed.

I am a big proponent of lighting up my rear end (the bike that is).  This would not have been the first lighting change the rear I would have made but Frederick Harley Davidson had a good deal on for lights.

Harley Davidson Bag Light

Air Wing Saddlebag Light (braking)

When we bought the bike the Air Wing Saddlebag Rails were already installed.  The rails look good and prevent some of the normal scuffing that occurs when folks mount and dismount the bike.  These lights fit under the little “wing” are almost invisible with the smoke lens (red is also available). 

The lights function as supplemental running and brake lights only and that is why I am giving the lights a  4 out of 5 review.  I can only assume that there is not enough room in the rail tubes to add the turn signal function, but that would have been a great additional feature and earned a 5th star.