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Debbie and I left the house at about 6:30 AM this morning on our way to Myrtle Beach (as a first stop, more on that late).  We had looked at the forecast and it appeared that the high temps for our trip this day would be about 93F…. wrong…. at one point the bike indicated it was 103F.

We made it to the beach, 523 miles, in about eight hours.  We made several stops and took a long lunch to cool off.  I drank four bottles of water, two sodas,  two glasses of tea and a glass of water today.  One has to stay hydrated, right!  Of course if you travel I95 you must stop at South of the Border!

After a few days here we are going to ride over to the “Wheels Through Time” motorcycle museum and then maybe up the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Also I am using this trip to evaluate some new “things”.  First, Viking Bags has asked me to review one of their “Tail Bags”.  Next we are looking at our Nolan helmets a lot closer, this is the longest ride with these helmets and lastly I bought a new pair of Kevlar pants so you can expect a review of those pants in the future.

I know it is a geezer glide.. but really

If you have ever traveled I95, you know what this is.