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Just some things that peaked by interest this week.

Washington State make a great safety video please share!
WWII Harley Davidson Prototypes
Child Seats for motorcycles in South Carolina?
Sons of Anarchy Prop Auction
The Pacific Northwest Coast Volcano Tour

The DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

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Great interview with 15 year old Jayson Uribe an American racing professionally in Europe.

Discussion of latest SOA episode “Faith and Despondency  “

Review of On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

Discussion of Royal Enfields, Lighting Motorcycle, The Polaris Slingshot in Texas and Alpinestars Airbag Jacket.

In a little more than a month, FX’s hit soap opera for men will be back for its last season.  The next episode will premiere on the 9th of September, so get your DVRs set to record the 7th and final season. motorcycle, sons of anarchy


While not a lot has been released about the final set of shows, a few tidbits have come out:


* The show starts 10 days after Tara’s murder and Jax in jail.


* Malcom-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show) will play the VP of the Grim Bastards.


* Rock Star Marilyn Manson will play a white supremacist inmate…not sure where that is going. LOL


* Courtney Love will play the preschool teacher for Jax’s son Abel.


* The “After the Show” show Anarchy Afterward, which was  web based will now be on TV immediately following the show, hosted by Chris Franjola.



 By Warren S Massey

motorcycle, sons of anarchyNot sure why, but I got this cool Sons of Anarchy sticker from Harley Davidson in the mail today.  It will look nice on my tool chest!