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Debbie and I left our home in the early morning and after a quick fuel stop for both us and the motorcycle we were head for the beach. We had checked the weather the night before as part of a debate between using the full face Nolan helmets or our half helmets. As the forecasted temperatures for our path of travel and the beach itself was to be in the low to mid 90s(F) we chose the Nolan’s. Well, the weatherman was not right on the temperature projections. But for now those helmets and light jackets were very comfortable.

Our route was south on US 15 then US 17 then I95. Traffic was, mostly, light and we rode for three hours before stopping at Prince George, VA for fuel and a visit to Colonial Harley Davidson. We have stopped by that dealership on several occasions but this was the first time we had caught it open. The entire stop lasted about thirty minutes and we were on the road again.

As I may have mentioned in other blog posts (and as you can see on the Facebook version of IJUSTWANT2RIDE) I collect dealership pins. I did not have one for Colonial HD or next stop at Roanoke Rapids, NC and Collier Harley Davidson.  I was able to procure a pin at Colonial, Collier was out of stock. The girls working at Collier did say they would email me when the pins were in stock.

I know it is a geezer glide.. but really

Back on the bike and headed south it started to get hot. By noon it was in the mid-nineties and we were looking for a cool place for lunch, and fuel. Debbie spotted Shelton HD which was also in an outlet mall area with lots of gas stations and restaurants. While I had the pin for this dealership we decided to stop and take a look anyway and this is where I got the picture to the right.

Back on the road we began to see the most iconic signs on I95. We were getting closer and closer to Pedro’s South of the Boarder. If you have never been there, you are missing a throwback experience to a time before …. well a long time ago. If you are in the area it can be worth you time to explore Pedro’s it will be a fun 45-90 minutes especially if you have kids that need a travel break.

By now the temps were over a 100F (104 at one point). The Nolan helmet were getting quite hot even with the chin bar locked open, creating a 3/4 style helmet. As long as we were able to maintain a speed over 30 it was somewhat tolerable but, unfortunately for us, there are a lot of stop lights and heavy traffic between Pedro’s and the beach. While “All The Gear, All The Time” is a great ideal, we could not comply and were down to t-shirts. But, even though South Carolina is a helmet optional state we did keep ours on. So much for accurate forecasts.

We made it to the beach house, stripped down and took some cool showers. For the next couple of days we hung out on the shore and had some good meals (if you are at Myrtle Beach you have to have breakfast at The Golden Egg, put it on your list).

In Part 2 we will cover our trip from the beach to the mountains.


Today we left the beach and headed to the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  BUT what should have been an easy six hour ride turned into a long, hard slog.

350 miles

2 rain showers

2 thunderstorms

1 wet t-shirt contest

1 interstate highly congested

Another interstate closed due to an “incident”

Plus when it was not raining it to hot wear the rain suits.. thus the wet t-shirt contest.

We stopped at a few Harley Davidson dealerships in a failed attempt to wait out the congestion and cool off.  The cooling part worked but the congestion never really let up, a couple bad accidents missed up our ride today.

We had hoped to make it all the way to Maggie Valley but ended up about an hour out when we stopped for the night.


Debbie and I left the house at about 6:30 AM this morning on our way to Myrtle Beach (as a first stop, more on that late).  We had looked at the forecast and it appeared that the high temps for our trip this day would be about 93F…. wrong…. at one point the bike indicated it was 103F.

We made it to the beach, 523 miles, in about eight hours.  We made several stops and took a long lunch to cool off.  I drank four bottles of water, two sodas,  two glasses of tea and a glass of water today.  One has to stay hydrated, right!  Of course if you travel I95 you must stop at South of the Border!

After a few days here we are going to ride over to the “Wheels Through Time” motorcycle museum and then maybe up the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Also I am using this trip to evaluate some new “things”.  First, Viking Bags has asked me to review one of their “Tail Bags”.  Next we are looking at our Nolan helmets a lot closer, this is the longest ride with these helmets and lastly I bought a new pair of Kevlar pants so you can expect a review of those pants in the future.

I know it is a geezer glide.. but really

If you have ever traveled I95, you know what this is.

The other day I read an article on motorcycles that just blew my mind.

A representative in the South Carolina legislature introduced a bill to require motorcycles in that state to have car seats for children 7 years old and younger. WOW, two thing immediately came to mind 1) this guy has never ridden a motorcycle and 2) is this a law looking for problem?

As I read the article I was told that the bill was inspired by a conversation with his constituents, (my guess that the plural should have been singular) who were concerned about ex-spouse taking children on a motorcycle. “You know, it makes a lot of sense,’” said the lawmaker. For riders younger than 7 weighing less than 80 pounds, the proposal calls for a belt-positioning booster seat with both lap and shoulder belts.

Luckily the article also states that the bill is getting heavy resistance. Hopefully the long arm of the government will be slapped away. Because of things like this I prefer a do nothing legislature/congress v. one that over reaches into our lives.

I started riding my own motorcycle at about age 5 and I remember riding with my dad on the back of a Honda Trail 90. I have given my 6 year old grandson a ride on the back of my Harley Davidson Ultra Limited (around the block). I have never seen infants or small children riding on motorcycles here in the US. I am sure it happens but it has to be rare. We just do not need more laws to fix “problems” that don’t really exist.