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Good news if you are one of the lucky ones to have or are going to ride “The Dragon”.

If you ever watch any of the hundreds of videos of folks riding or driving this stretch of US Route 129 or if you have ridden on the road yourself you know at large trucks are as much as a hazard as anything else on the highway. Often times these truck take up more than both lanes as they try and navigate the 318 turns in 11miles and way to many times have caused terrible accidents.

The good news is that Tennessee is now following the lead of North Carolina in banning truck over 30 feet in length from traveling on the Dragon. While I am sure this will not end accidents on this highway, the ban can only improve the situation.

According to this article “1.4 million vehicles that traversed the Tennessee side of the Dragon between 2010 and 2012, there were total of 204 crashes — with motorcycles making up 82 percent of them.” During that period there were six deaths and one was due to an accident with a tractor trailer.

Signs informing truck drivers of the new restrictions will be installed in early 2015.

Debbie and road the Dragon and the nearby Cherohala Skyway a few years ago with a bunch of our friends. We left Northern Virginia, taking the Blue Ridge Parkway to Deal’s Gap. After riding those two road we went north through Chattanooga to Louisville, KY then to Parkersburg, WV.


The trip from Parkersburg back to Virginia was the hardest part of the entire 1400 mile ride. Hurricane Irene, which was not supposed to make landfall here, turned right into us. We rode through at least three squall lines before pulling into the garage just minutes before the main storm hit us.



If you have not ridden the Tail of the Dragon, you need to add it to your bucket list. It is well worth your time.

motorcycle rideWell everyone has their opinions! Sometimes you might agree on the same thing, sometimes you might not.

When I did a search or the top 10 motorcycle rides this is what I found.… said their # 1 was the Pacific Coast Highway. also had the Pacific Coast Highway as the #1.

Discovery Channel put The Twisted Sisters (Texas) on top.

Lonely Plant voted for Pacific Coast Highway. put Arkansas Highway 23 atop their list. had SR 11in upland Maine as the best.

Tail of the Dragon was top of the list for the Travel Channel.

I would love to ride all of the roads listed.  Someday maybe I will.



It’s October and the pleasant riding season in the Mid-Atlantic is coming to a close. Soon the chaps and heavy jackets will need to be brought out of the closet.  Also, I have been offered a job, but it will not start until the Federal Government gets back to work. With that as a background I am considering riding an Iron Butt Association ride, the “SaddleSore 1000” which is 1000 miles in 24 hours

I have checked out the bike I would use (The Ultra Limited) and its tires are good and the next service would not be due until after the ride is complete. I have ridden multiple 200+ days this year and Debbie and I have several 1000-1500 mile rides under our belts (but not in 24 hours).


I might be after this!

The route I am considering is home to south of Knoxville, TN (just a little) and back to home.  I have driven this route several times and the only area of any concern is the part of Interstate 81 from Winchester, VA to the intersection of I81 and I64.  That part of the highway is heavy with large trucks.  South of the intersection traffic is light and moves well.

Looking at the weather it appears that next Tuesday and Thursday, here in Virginia and in Tennessee, the chance for rain is under 20%.  Temperatures at both ends will be cool in the morning but nice in the afternoon.

The only thing holding be back is the potential cost should anything go wrong.  I have a few days to consider and discuss with the wife soooo…… “To be continued”