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Hey all, our Motorcycle radio show # 336 is up for you to listen to any time.  You can get the broadcast here!

On this show we discuss:

The King vs. The Queen

The 2016 Ducati Monster 1200

Ducati breaks into the TOP 10 Best Selling Motorcycles, 1st time EVER!

Mission Motorcycles… KILLED by Apple Computers?!?!?!

Full Throttle Saloon back on TV…burnt toast anyone?

SuperPrestigio of the Americas put together a “Top 10 Harley Davidsons” list by asking people in the industry what they thought were the best bikes.  The bikes on their list covered a large swath of Harley history.

Although they did not ask me I will give you my #1 Harley.  For me, it is the Heritage Softail Classic.  With this bike Harley has encapsulated their historic look with current technology. Styling from the 1940’s, softail replacing ridged, fuel injection, saddlebags and lots of chrome; this is a bike that blends it all together.  This bike has been around for a while too, starting production in 1986.

Plus I own one!


motorcycle rideWell everyone has their opinions! Sometimes you might agree on the same thing, sometimes you might not.

When I did a search or the top 10 motorcycle rides this is what I found.… said their # 1 was the Pacific Coast Highway. also had the Pacific Coast Highway as the #1.

Discovery Channel put The Twisted Sisters (Texas) on top.

Lonely Plant voted for Pacific Coast Highway. put Arkansas Highway 23 atop their list. had SR 11in upland Maine as the best.

Tail of the Dragon was top of the list for the Travel Channel.

I would love to ride all of the roads listed.  Someday maybe I will.