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motorcycle-map-ALL-ridesAs noted in the last post, I had stopped at the “Welcome to West Virginia” rest stop on Interstate 68.  While there I looked at the rack of brochures of all the different things you can do in the state.

I was pleasantly surprised to see four or five motorcycle specific brochures.  Each of the pamphlets outlined different rides in different sections of the state.  I have ridden several of these over the years and they all are great.

I am glad to see WV start promoting the state to bikers.  I have ridden the Tail of the Dragon and it was cool, but many of the roads in the southern and eastern parts of West Virginal rival or surpass the Dragon!  Heck, the road outside the house I grew up in has 108 turns in eight miles.

If you have never considered riding in WV please do.  You can go to WV Motorcycle Rides section of the state’s tourism website for more detail.