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Well, we have, mostly, finished our move to Front Royal, VA.  Still looking for some items and figuring out where to put stuff so the fun continues!

Up Shift Triumph Motorcycle Test Ride tour – Triumph is going to a lot of events this year to get people to test ride their bikes. They will be at IMS Outdoors, TouraTech Dirt Daze, Overland Mountain West and Americade. Click on this link to see the details.

My Take – I signed up to “skip the line” at the IMS Pennsylvania event.   I really like that companies are getting back out there …. Even if Covid is making a comeback. 


Hitting NeutralNew Concept for Charging/Protecting Motorcycles – Yet another idea for the electric revolution. Roll up into the chalk where steel plates will protect your front axel from thieves. Stow your gear in the integrated, climate-controlled locker, and go about your business. Also, there is a camera so you can keep an eye on your bike while you are out and about.

It will hold both electric and gas-powered motorcycles, so it is not exclusive to the revolutionaries. You will use an app to reserve and pay for access to the parking system.

My Take – The press release stated that it will us hydrogen fuel cells to power the parking stations thus becoming even more green and I am much more in favor of hydrogen then electric so that part gets a thumbs up.  The rest “MEH”, it will get an up shift if they ever get past the concept stage.


Ride on, Ride Safe