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To all the current, past and future veterans “I salute you”!  As one myself I know the levels of hardship that can come with that lifestyle.m 10 8 4

Many service members will take their motorcycles with them each time they move, or sell their current bike to buy a new one at the other destination.  I like to think that this motivation is something that crosses international boundary’s. I can imagine a soldier in India riding or pulling his motorcycle to the next duty station just like an American soldier.

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Soldiers can sleep anywhere!

Veterans and motorcycles have had a long term relationship that still goes on today.  In the US there are a multitude of clubs formed by vet’s from the recent wars.  Whether or not they rode motorcycles as a duty or only when off duty, bikes are a way of life for many.

Below is a video on how WWII US Army dispatch riders trained.


Ride On, Ride Safe

My wife Debbie and our close friends Tim and Karma went for a cool ride this past weekend. Cool in that the temperature was about 50F degrees before wind chill.

I was going to take the Ultra Limited out, thinking the big faring would reduce the wind. But, luck conspired against us and the Ultra would not start (weak battery). So we hopped on the Heritage and away we went, we both had our chaps on and Debbie had her long underwear, full face helmet and heavy jacket. I put on an open face helmet and a middle weight jacket.

picture by scott massey

Watching the pig dance

We linked up with Tim and Karma at the intersection of US Routes 15 and 50. We had barely been there 5 minutes (watching a dancing pig) before they pulled up looking like black leather clad Eskimos! There was no skin showing anywhere on Karma and only a little on Tim. I started thinking maybe I was a bit under dressed.

We did not have any real plans on where to go, this was a last minute thing, so I took the lead. I knew neither Tim nor Karma had been on the “Secret Blue Ridge Mountain Northern Stretch” which runs along a blue ridge mountain ridge line and connects US 50 with US Route 7. I also knew that I was the only one in the group that had taken River Road along the Shenandoah River which would take us back to US 50. I had mentioned the Blue Ridge route here and the River Road ride here.

picture by scott massey

Wolf Tune Pub

As the sun stated to slide into the west it stated to cool even more. About 3 PM we pulled into the Wolf Tune Irish Pub, part of the Blackthorne Inn & Restaurant in Upperville, VA. The atmosphere and food in the pub was superior! The hot apple cider warmed our hands and insides. If you are in the Upperville area we can recommend a stop at the pub!

Getting back on the bikes we began chasing the fading light, sunset was coming fast. Riding back to the intersection where we met we soon split, with Tim and Karma heading east and Debbie and I going north back to Leesburg. It was at the split that I really started feeling the cool, hugging the engine a little closer I survived to ride another day.

7cdadf8e0dbd6cc00281d0842abc3a4eI went for a ride this Veterans Day Weekend with my wife and some friends (will post on that ride later). During the ride I thought of Veterans Day and what follows is a short synopsis of what I was thinking.

A “LOT” of my family has served.  My dad was in the Army and the Navy, most of his and my mother’s brothers were in WWII.  My father-in-law, brother-in-law served and my son-in-law is still serving after four tours in Iraq or Afghanistan.  My youngest daughter’s fiancé is in his first “hitch” with the Air Force.  Many of my cousins have served as well, some even went to Vietnam. I would not be surprised that if you looked deep into the family tree we would find that members of my extended family have served as far back as the Civil War.

Those of us that serve typically lead a hard life, often away from family, often in places that most of the world would never venture.  As part of this lifestyle I have had associates, acquaintances, and friends of the family injured and killed.  Even in peace, it is common for service members to be away from their families for months at a time, to be hurt or killed.

Yes, we choose to undertake this tough lifestyle. Yes, we, understood the risks we were taking.  Yes, we knew that we could be killed or permanently injured.  Yes, many of us would do it again.  Most people will never understand why we choose to do this nor do I expect them to understand.  We do it for you, you may not understand why, but know, that we do.

Below is political commentary, you do not need to read past this point.

For the first time in my life, almost half of which was in service, I feel that our political leaders REALLY do not care about the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.  I could give you a long list of proofs of why I believe this but one point stands at the forefront of my reasoning.

There are nearly 600,000 service members awaiting “processing” by the Veterans Administration.  600,000 service members with some form of injury or disability WAITING for help from the government, from the political leaders that they served.  The same politicians that determined a website and non-citizens should have priority over the men and women that THEY sent into harm’s way.