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OldManAndHarleyI recently read the book “The Old Man and the Harley” by John Newkirk.  In the simplest terms it is a son’s tailing of his father’s 1939 cross country trip from the New York World’s Fair to the San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition.  But, as is nearly anything, it is a bit more complex than a cross county motorcycle ride.

Mr. Newkirk rides the same route his father took and weaves, fairly well, this father’s story of pre-war America with what he finds during his own trip.  The description of how his father prepared for the trip and how he had to overcome the hardships of the open rode in 1939 are an enjoyable read.

Some of the “today” highlights for me were; rolling up to a WWII memorial service, meeting Jane Fonda, and attempting to convert a Che Guevara follower.  From his father’s journey I enjoyed; how he got the bike, rolling into Sturgis before the rallies began and the story of his cousin who was part of the “Flying Tigers”.

I purchased the electronic version of the book and read it on my iPad.  Overall I enjoyed the story and can recommend that you read it as well.  You can get more information from the books website here.