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Well the ride dates have passed and as of the time of this post Harley riders have logged just over 13 million miles. Debbie and I contributed 184 miles to the grand total.   Enter your miles here!

When you log your miles you are given a chance to print out a participation certificate.  You can see what it looks like below.  Not really sure what you would do with this document but it is a nice touch by Harley Davidson.

In the past they have, through the HOG organization, offered pins and patches to commemorate the event, not sure if they will this year.

The Harley Davidson Worldwide Motorcycle Ride Certificate


What use to be known as “Million Mile Monday” has grown to a worldwide event spread over two days. This year the event is being held June 22 and 23.

Last year riders rolled up 10,018,231 miles which was more than 25% more than in 2012.

Wonder how many miles HD riders will log this year.  For more information check out the World Ride website.