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p1 (4)I see a lot of motorcycle posters (or prints) on line and while I am out and about.  From a group of 24 I came up with these 9 as my fav’s for 2015.  Why 9? Because everyone does top 10 lists and 11 is just to much work!


Facebook and Twitter are good for exposing me to motorcycle pictures and videos that I would not normally see.  But sometimes they show you things that make you go ….. hummm that’s weird!

I started with 32 entries (I copied the pictures to a special folder all year long) and here are the top nine weird motorcycles pictures that made me go hummmm in 2015.

If you know the story behind any of these….. award winners, please let us know.  I am sure the story behind the picture is as good as the picture.

not sure who to credit, but a cool pic.

Not sure who to credit, but a cool pic.

Unfortunately winter is here in North America, which means I have put one of the motorcycles to bed for the season.  This week our local weathermen are speaking of horrible weather coming this weekend.  Anything from 3 inches to over 30 inches of snow is in the forecast….so who knows! 

I put the Army Bike under the cover last weekend after following my “9 Tips” to preparing the motorcycle for winter storage. The blue bike is still “unprepared” for winter but I have hopes for some “warmish” winter days.  Never know when we might be able to sneak in a quickie.

Well the blue bike is not completely unprepared, the tank is full and I put some stabilizer in it to help with condensation/water.  The battery is on a tender and I checked the anit-freeze. So it went through an abbreviated preparation process.

I really do need to look somewhere a little further south…I am ok with 3 seasons of weather…as long as one of the three is not winter.   🙂

Down for the winter!

Of course a picture of my bike would be in the top 9!


If you follow me on Twitter (@IJUSTWANT2RIDE) or Facebook you know I post and retweet a lot of cool motorcycle pics.  At least what I think are cool pictures.

I went through those and picked out the 20 that I liked the best then sliced those down to my favorite nine.  Why 9??… because everyone does 10 and 11 is too many!




Motorcycle lands on roof of building after accident.

Buy a URAL Dark Force motorcycle w/sidecar get your own LIGHTSABER!

I fought the HOG and the HOG won! or DAMNNNN!!!

Motorcycle Trivia Quiz from our friend at Motorbike Writer

HOLY KRAP!!! Rider & Passenger survive being RUN OVER BY 18 WHEELER! 


Based on what I can find this is the most (and only) Harley Davidson Motorcycle in the top 10 list.

When a “barn-find” Harley-Davidson racing machine and sidecar is found after 50-plus years in storage in Australia and then sent to auction, the bidding is sure to be fierce. The expectations were that the bike would go for about US $100,000.

But the bidding was greater than expected.  The bike set a new Australian auction record with a final winning bid of AUD$600,000 (US$420,000).

What caught everyone’s wallet on fire? A circa-1927 FHA 8-Valve V-Twin racer complete with its scramble-type sidecar.  (The motorbike’s side car was added to the motorbike after it made to Australia and can be angled to adapt to what tracks the bike was running on according to the auctioneer.) hd2

The 8-Valve racing Harley is one of the rarest and most collectible models in HD circles.There were fewer than 50 built which makes it an exceptionally rare machine anywhere in the world. So for one to turn up in an Australian shed after decades certainly set the motorcycle collector world abuzz.

These powerful bikes were only offered to up-and-coming racers of the times and were not available to the general public. “To many collectors the engine is really what makes this bike. This was probably the holy grail for Harley-Davidson in this era” stated Mr. Boribon the auctioneer.

As noted above the fact that less than 50 were built makes it rare, the fact that a lot of race bikes ended there racing lives in spectacular fashion contributes to even lower numbers left in existence.  I am sure more than a few of the 50 blew up or crashed on the track. So based on those facts it is very surprising that very few 8-Valve racing bikes have survived from that era.

This is the only Harley in the top ten most expensive bikes at auction coming in at

1 – US$580,000 – 1910 Winchester

2 – US$551,200 – 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer

3 – US$480,000 – 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor

4 – US$463,847 – 1922 Brough Superior SS80

5 – US$452,234 – 1926 Brough Superior SS100

6 – US$450,000 – 1958 Ariel 650 Cyclone

7 – US$448,156 – 1929 Brough Superior SS100

8 – US425,943 – 1939 Brough Superior SS100

9 – US$420,000 – 1927 Harley Davidson FHA 8-Valve V-Twin racer

10 – US$394,101 – 1934 Brough Superior SS100

(Bumped from the top 10 –  US$383,317 – 1949 Vincent Black Lightning)


1st Place Custom, 3rd Place Dresser (yup dresser)

The wife and I went to a motorcycle and car show this past weekend.  The Tradesmen Motorcycle Club hosted the event to raise money for the Cystic Fibroses Foundation.  The show itself was in rural Maryland, you would never know we were 50 miles or so from downtown Washington, DC due to all the countryside we saw. We road through miles of farmland when “SHA’ZAM” a small strip mall appeared in the community of Monrovia, MD.

On the ride out the weather was great but that was hiding the fact that the temp was going to be in the upper 90s… and boy did it!  We drank a lot of water during the day and as much as we like the show we were looking forward to the ride home and cool showers!

As for the show itself there were about 25 cars and about 20 motorcycles on display. The one thing that surprised me the most was…what is up with Batman?  There were two Batman themed Camaro’s one of which had a matching motorcycle.

As you can tell from the pictures below there were some really nice cars and bikes in attendance.  The wife and I both favorite and voted for the same vehicles, in particular we loved the late 1960s Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible and the Chevy El Camino.

We also met a guy taking a leap into the motorcycle industry and starting his own shop.  He is creating his company, “Sick Sledz”, and is hoping to open it in this part of Maryland in the near future… we wish him luck!

We did quite well in the contest part of the bike show!  We won two trophies for the Army bike.  The first trophy kind of surprised us, 3rd place in the “Dresser” category!  That had to be people selecting the wrong spot on the voting form or not knowing what a dresser really looks like.. oh well.

Our bike did take 1st place in the custom motorcycle category.  We have done well in the few shows we have presented and we have not got around to finishing it yet.  There are a few more things we want to do to call it finished!



With the dearth of motorcycle related TV shows we can count on OCC to pop back on our sets. Love it or hate it OCC is coming back this time on the A&E Network.

While there is nothing on their website I have seen several adverts for the new show. You can check out the OCC-American Xtreme Facebook page for a little background.

The most obvious change from the older OCC variants to this Xtreme version is …. There is no Paul Jr in the cast. It looks like all the other regulars are back including Senior, Rick, Nick, Jason, and Jim Quin. Paul Jr’s brother Mikey is listed as part of the cast as well, which is good as Mikey always puts a spin on things that you might not expect.

But that is not the only big casting news Rusty Coones, late of Sons of Anarchy, is on the show as well. Guess the producers think the show needs another bit of spice. Rusty has a long past with motorcycles beyond SOA to include owing his own bike shop and running with the Hells Angles.

I have loved and barely liked the different OCC shows. Regardless of your thoughts on the Teutuls at least we get some new Motorcycle TV.

17724_10153114832663347_5838335798604790467_n 11406526_10153114833033347_8316014738928642946_o

A bit ago my wife, Debbie, and I along with our friends Tim and Karma rode the length of Skyline Drive on our motorcycles. We made the ride

Pit stop in Front Royal, VA

before the leaves appear from their winter hibernation and the views from the drive were nothing but spectacular!

As we left Tim and Karma’s home the morning was crisp, cool, bright and sunny, it appeared that we had a great day form riding ahead of us. Mostly taking the small roads, it took a little over an hour to ride to Front Royal, VA, which is the northern terminus of the national park. When we arrived at Front Royal we stopped to top of the bikes (there is only three gas stations on Skyline Drive) and goofed off for a few minutes.

Getting back on the road, we immediately made a wrong turn and missed the Front Royal park entrance. That wrong turn became a disguised blessing as we got to ride up Thornton Gap to the next Skyline Drive entry point. Thornton Gap (US Route 211) is a twisty bit of motorcycle heaven, enough so that it warrants a special sign at the bottom to warn bikers that this is a high crash area. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are riding Skyline Drive that you jump off to ride this bit of highway!

Ijustwant2ride.comOnce on the parkway it turns out this ride was better than most of our trips to the park. Very little traffic, no park police, awesome views everywhere you looked and great friends made this a special day to ride. We stopped often to admire the panoramic views, but with 75 overlooks into the valleys below trying to stop at them all it would make for a very long day. With the stunning country view and nary a metropolitan area in sight, is hard to believe that we are less than 100 miles from the Washington DC rat race.

I have come to the conclusion that early spring, before the leaves exploded into life, has to be the best time to ride Skyline drive. As note before we did not encounter a lot of cars but we did see a lot of other motorcyclist riding everything from sport bikes, café racers to other touring bikes.

The ride from Thornton Gap entrance to the southern end of the park took us about 3 ½ hours. Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are a short trip to the east and we decided to ride into to town and have a late lunch. The last time Debbie and I were in Charlottesville we were picking up our black Ultra Limited, which we traded a year later for our new blue Ultra Limited.

During our lunch we debated our route back finally settling on Route 15. The ride north to our respective homes was uneventful. All in all we sent about 8 hours and a bit over 350 miles in the saddle that day. Good friends, good rides make for a good day!



**** Updated******** TURNS OUT THIS WAS A FAKE STORY.  May have been an April’s Fool joke that triggered early, but they got me.  My knowledge of IT and the underlying mistrust of the “system” sucked me right in to the believing the fake story.  It would way to easy to make this happen in the era of Big Data. *************


Today I found out I am on an FBI and Homeland Security list!!!!!!!

According to the FBI I am “67% more likely to be involved in illegal or criminal activity”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now mind that I have NEVER committed a crime, have held multiple security clearance and just an all-around good guy.

I am on a list because I OWN a motorcycle, no other reason! If you OWN a motorcycle you are on the FBI list as well. Harley, Honda, off-road, café racer, it does not matter, if it is registered with your state you are on the FBI/Homeland Security List!

Oh and think the list only pertains to the government use? Agent Cornia stated “it can show up to potential employers on select background checks.

I think I remember a time when our political leaders said state data of this nature would never be used outside of the purpose it was created for….how do you know when a politician is lying? Their lips move!

PLEASE READ the article from American Iron Magazine for more complete information. If you are as disturbed by this as much as I am contact your members of congress, they don’t care about you but you might as well get on their list as well.