not sure who to credit, but a cool pic.

Not sure who to credit, but a cool pic.

Unfortunately winter is here in North America, which means I have put one of the motorcycles to bed for the season.  This week our local weathermen are speaking of horrible weather coming this weekend.  Anything from 3 inches to over 30 inches of snow is in the forecast….so who knows! 

I put the Army Bike under the cover last weekend after following my “9 Tips” to preparing the motorcycle for winter storage. The blue bike is still “unprepared” for winter but I have hopes for some “warmish” winter days.  Never know when we might be able to sneak in a quickie.

Well the blue bike is not completely unprepared, the tank is full and I put some stabilizer in it to help with condensation/water.  The battery is on a tender and I checked the anit-freeze. So it went through an abbreviated preparation process.

I really do need to look somewhere a little further south…I am ok with 3 seasons of weather…as long as one of the three is not winter.   🙂

Down for the winter!

  1. Here in the UK we don’t really have seasons; just ten months of damp, wet, cold winter and two months of bad weather!

  2. PS Good luck with Snow-mageddon and stay safe.

  3. Bodhi Rana says:

    My pop lives in NC, winter-izing isn’t as much of a thing up there. Though it’s still good to do a pseudo prep, just in case it’s too cold for just a while.

    As a Flordian, I’ll make sure to take a few rides for my motorcycle brothers and sisters that are currently unable to ride.

  4. Bob says:

    Yeah, that storm is hitting us here in South Carolina right now. As I look out my window it’s snowing and brutally cold! I left New York decades ago to get away from this shit. Might have to start thinking of moving back to Florida. But at least our winters are short! Good luck up there in the Great White North.

  5. Thinking of my American friends with all that serious white stuff!

    Down here in New Zealand you can pretty much ride all year – but our current “summer” is pretty rainy and cold if it’s any consolation. We only get a couple of centimeters of snow a year but the wind is straight from Antarctica. I often expect to see penguins on the road…

  6. I’ll accept winter under one condition… nothing frozen falls from the sky. 9 tips is also a good write-up BTW.

  7. Experimental Ghost says:

    I’d like to say I feel your pain Wazza, but I’d be telling fibs, as Ive never experienced snow.

    Having said that, I just saw the news and what you guys are going through.

    Forget that!

    Hope you and yours and the DH crew stay safe for the duration.


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