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DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

On this episode of the DawgHouse we discussed: (download here)

– Ken’s contribution –

It’s a long one, but here you’ll learn how the EU is destroying the motorcycle safety training for the sake of safety? Yeah…we’re not kidding.

AMA motorcycling Hall of Fame inductees.

You took apart my bike man!

– Warren’s news –

Pawn Stars’ Corey is a shooting star.

Devil’s Ride “White Boi” loses his bike.

Pikes Peak Motorcycle Race

NO ABS= Lawsuit for Harley

Motorcycle Racing:

Motocross from Muddy Creek.

Moto2 & MotoGP from Assen (that is in the Netherlands….not Phil’s Netherlands BTW).

World Superbike picks for Portimao.