DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

On this episode of the DawgHouse we discussed: (download here)

– Ken’s contribution –

It’s a long one, but here you’ll learn how the EU is destroying the motorcycle safety training for the sake of safety? Yeah…we’re not kidding.

AMA motorcycling Hall of Fame inductees.

You took apart my bike man!

– Warren’s news –

Pawn Stars’ Corey is a shooting star.

Devil’s Ride “White Boi” loses his bike.

Pikes Peak Motorcycle Race

NO ABS= Lawsuit for Harley

Motorcycle Racing:

Motocross from Muddy Creek.

Moto2 & MotoGP from Assen (that is in the Netherlands….not Phil’s Netherlands BTW).

World Superbike picks for Portimao.

  1. Experimental Ghost says:

    Don’t worry about dingo’s taking you’re baby in Australia… worry more about drop bears 🙂

    • Thanks for listening! I have only done the radio thing for a few weeks but it is fun.

    • What is a drop bear? sounds funny

      • Experimental Ghost says:

        Oh, man you really need to know about drop bears if you plan to come to Australia.

        A drop bear is the most savage of all Australian marsupials and is related to the Koala. Where a Koala is a relatively small creature that lives in trees and gets stoned on eucalyptus leaves all day long, drop-bears are very large, carnivorous and vicious creatures that drop from trees and attack their prey.

        Many a tourist has been lost to drop bears because they didn’t apply the repellent correctly… sad but true.

  2. Experimental Ghost says:

    You got me!

    Cheers for the mention on the show:-)


  3. Experimental Ghost says:

    From what I’ve heard so far the show sounds good.Other podcasts I’ve tracked down have lots of local content (Not Australian) or the presenters don’t seem to engage well.

    You guys are a good fit, and get a banter up (love the “heated” discussions). Its great to hear you mention stuff from around the world too. Everyone likes to hear their country or state is mentioned from time to time, especially if there is a rally, show or something newsworthy.

    If you want to chat off blog email me through my page


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