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I reviewed an earlier version of the Bilt Iron Workers Kevlar motorcycle pants way back in 2013. The older version received a 4-star rating, but these pants have been improved over the years.

The new Iron Workers Kevlar pants are available in several colors, I purchased the khaki version.  They were more brown than khaki but acceptable.  I read that the sizing was running a little small, so I bought one size up from my normal and it worked out well, a good fit.

They look more like casual office pants than any of the other motorcycling pants I currently own.  With the knee pads removed it would be even more difficult to discern they are motorcycle-based clothing.

Speaking of knee pads, the Bilt Iron Workers Kevlar pants have an external zipper that allows for “easier” access.  I placed “easier” in quotes as it can still be a bit of a struggle to get them in and out, but it is much better than turning the pants inside out to access the armor pockets. This is a plus over many other pants I own.

While the Bilt pants come with armor for the knee they do not come with hip armor, luckily, I have several extra pairs.  Unlike the knee armor the hip armor is not as easy to insert or remove.  The pocket openings face the outside pant leg, and it can be a bit of a struggle to put the armor in place.  Once the hip armor is installed, they are comfortable and snug. This is about the same as other pants I own.

After riding in these pants for a few thousand miles, I have to say I like them quite a bit. While heavy they are not too hot in the heat, and they have some decent wind breaker qualities that help in the cool weather.

The cargo pockets are secured with heavy-duty Velcro and, wow, it is some really heavy-duty Velcro. It can be a bit of an effort to pull the pocket open.  You will not need to worry about the cargo pockets coming open during your ride!  The regular pockets are just regular pockets. This is a plus over other pants I own.

The only downside and it does not impact my rating is the hip armor pockets, they could be better with a pocket opening facing the inside of the pant with a Velcro closure. Some people might complain of the limited use of the Kevlar lining but there is a price point consideration. 

For their price these are very good motorcycling pants.


How about some ideas for that crazy motorcycle rider you love. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to get for your motorcyclist during the holiday season so I made a list of those things that would appeal to most bikers.

9) Heated gear – We all “Just Want 2 Ride” right. The gift of heated gear will extend the riding season for weeks or months depending on where you live.

8) New tie-down straps – Another piece of equipment that gets old, but one that is especially important if you’re crazy biker tows or hauls their bike(s).  Steal a glance at their current straps, look worn or about to be worn out, get them a new set.

7) Custom Dynamic Motorcycle Lights – Custom Dynamic makes SUPER bright, eye catching lighting for motorcycles.  I have several sets on my bike and wish I had more! Look at the ProBeam LED Motorcycle Turn Signals I have added them to two motorcycle and I am sure I have sold several dozen for Custom Dynamics as well. 

6) A Gift Card – from their favorite local dealership.  That way they can pick out what they want!

5) Frame them – Frame a nice picture of them with their motorcycle.  Simple and cheap but you might have to snoop on their phone to find the best one! 

4) Battery Tender – Winter is here in the northern hemisphere. This gift will help your crazy biker be ready to roll the first chance they get. No recommendation, they are almost all good. Just make sure you get the right connection for their motorcycle.

3) Kevlar lined pants, shirts, or jackets. Kevlar can get pricy but, your motorcycle rider will love you for it.

2) Long sleeve T-Shirts – Motorcycle themed long sleeve T-Shirts provide a wardrobe option when the weather gets cool.

1) Membership in the AMA – That is the American Motorcycle Association.  Membership not only gets discounts on products, it also includes emergency towing. The AMA is the largest, but not the only, lobbyist group protecting your right to ride.

Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Pants

I currently have 3 pair of Kevlar reinforced motorcycle pants. I reviewed the pants in earlier posts, click here for the BILT Iron Workers, and here for the NEWFACELOOK Motorcycle Cargo Pants.

These pants are starting to show their age and I am in the market for new motorcycle pants.

I have a high preference for cargo pants over denim jeans.  Actually, make that a complete preference for cargo pants over jeans while riding my motorcycle.  The problem is there are not a lot of cargo style motorcycle pants out there.

As I was weighing my options when I ran across the Bohn Body Armor site.  They offer a different solution, what looks like armored underwear!

bohnThe concept is intriguing enough to me that I sent them a couple Twitter messages asking questions about their products.

They provided some quick responses and they are now in the top 3 of my selection process.

ALSO…. They provided a coupon code for this blog!  From now to the 30th of April 2018 take 10% off on orders over $150.

If Bohn Body Armor is for you use CODE: WANT2RIDE to save some dollars.