Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Pants

I currently have 3 pair of Kevlar reinforced motorcycle pants. I reviewed the pants in earlier posts, click here for the BILT Iron Workers, and here for the NEWFACELOOK Motorcycle Cargo Pants.

These pants are starting to show their age and I am in the market for new motorcycle pants.

I have a high preference for cargo pants over denim jeans.  Actually, make that a complete preference for cargo pants over jeans while riding my motorcycle.  The problem is there are not a lot of cargo style motorcycle pants out there.

As I was weighing my options when I ran across the Bohn Body Armor site.  They offer a different solution, what looks like armored underwear!

bohnThe concept is intriguing enough to me that I sent them a couple Twitter messages asking questions about their products.

They provided some quick responses and they are now in the top 3 of my selection process.

ALSO…. They provided a coupon code for this blog!  From now to the 30th of April 2018 take 10% off on orders over $150.

If Bohn Body Armor is for you use CODE: WANT2RIDE to save some dollars.
  1. MarylandMoto says:

    I like my Klim Outrider pants pretty well. No Kevlar, but beefy Cordura canvas and D3O armor at knees and hips.

    • Are those slant pockets just about the knees for armor or what? Do they have side pocket’s like cargo pants?

      I prefer cargo pants because we go on all day/multi-day rides and i move my wallet/phone ect to the cargo pockets for comfort.

      • MarylandMoto says:

        No cargo pockets, unfortunately. The slash pockets are pretty much your usual 5 pocket style front pockets. I keep my wallet in a front pocket and it has never felt insecure. They have a panel on the front of the legs which is like the double knee on Carhartt pants but holds the knee armor. There is a phone pocket on the left leg (but I wouldn’t ride with my phone in it) and one of the back pockets snaps shut. I have a Ram mount for my phone since it’s my GPS as well.

      • Thanks.. I will add it to my list

  2. Edward C says:

    Great reading thiis

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