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The DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

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Ken’s News:

Zero announces 2015 lineup.

Mike Tyson is a rider’s best friend?

Warren’s News:

Ferrari Motorcycle???

Get ready for $1000 dollar increase to the price of all motorcycles.

Racing News:

A very wet World Superbike at Magny-Cours tightens up championship.

Silly season in full swing early this year.

Picks for Japan Grand Prix Motegi.

News from Moto America

WP_20140712_16_45_45_ProAs mentioned in my posts regarding my early impression on our new motorcycle, the Ultra Limited, the XM Satellite radio reception was bad at best.  It was so bad that I was considering having it removed and asking for my money back (not really sure how that would have worked out).

After reading different takes about the radio on HD Forums and other sites, I decided to try it with the antenna moved out of the fairing and onto the “dash”.  In this case to the right of the Project Rushmore air vent.  The appearance of the antenna in this location is, and you can see for yourself, not bad.  When I have the vent closed the antenna even looks like it is meant to be there.

View from the front

But this was not about aesthetics or appearance it was about reception. Prior to moving the antenna I would get reception a grade of 40% out of 100.  The drops and lost reception was more than inconvenient, it was I want to return it bad.   After moving the antenna I will grade out reception as 80% out of 100.  Now the only time I lose reception is when there is a mountain or heavy foliage blocking the southern sky.  

I still think Harley Davidson should install a buffer in the radio to allow for those short drops when they occur.  I don’t think a 4-10 second buffer would increase the price of the radio beyond what people are willing to pay.

If you are considering purchasing an XM radio module for your motorcycle do not waste your time and add stress levels by allowing them (or yourself) to install the antenna in the default location.  Install the antenna on the dash from the start; it will work a whole lot better and you will be happier with the reception you receive!

The DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

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Ken’s News:

Charity motorcycle stolen in Brooklyn, New York.

Rocket powered motorcycle from the 1920s.

Massachusetts woman decides backing over cop is a good idea.

Speeding on crack – why didn’t I think of that?

 Warren’s News:

Sold your bike… better cancel the insurance!!!!

Supercharged Ninja imminent

HD CVO owners hot over coolant

New Indian off the reservation Scout

3 Terrific Charity Rides and 3 Rallies in the DC Metro Area.

Racing News:

MotoGP & Moto2 from Silverstone.

Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

Highlights from the show:


Putting the FUN in Funeral, you can now attend a motorcycle show in a famous cemetery.


Woman lets God take the wheel, nearly kills motorcyclist then stops for burgers. (God fled the scene before the police arrived)


Like something from Star Trek… resonate frequency issues between the engine and frame is forcing Harley to recall Dyna’s in Australia!


Spring Creek Motocross results and discussion.


AMA Daytona Sportbike and AMA Superbike results and discussion.

By Warren S Massey

Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

The latest episode of the DawgHouse Motorcycle radio is ready for your listening pleasure (well we hope you like it).

On this show:

– Ken’s News –

Indian couple executed for having an affair.

Hollister rally resumes with three shootings.

AMA backs East Coast Enduro Association.

Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge.

Iconic designer Sergio Robbiano dies in motorcycle accident in Italy.

– Warren’s news –

New HD Trike spotted… The Freewheeler

Watch out for Drop Bears “Down Under”

If you ride more than anyone else Victory might pay for your bike.

Harley GPS…. Not right in the head!

Don’t worry about the dingos.

Things you didn’t do before owning a motorcycle….

2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Government to Pay $5.4M to Recording Artist in Career-Ending Motorcycle Crash.

– Motorcycle Racing –

Motocross from Redbud.

World Superbike from Portimao.

Picks for WSBK & AMA at Laguna Seca.

Moto2/MotoGP picks for the Sachsenring, Germany.

Motorcycle Radio…The #1 Motorcycle Show in the US

During the last episode of the DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio (the podcast, #265, is available here) I learned something interesting. Turns out Ken and Phil have been paying for the cost of the show from their pockets the entire time, over 5 years.

The most expensive part of the effort is the bandwidth that folks use to download the show. The web hosting provider charges by bandwidth consumed which limits the show to about 140,000 downloads per month. They (now we?) have been maxing out the available bandwidth on a reoccurring basis.

The price jump from the current level of bandwidth to the next level is insane and in order to improve the show and make it more available to everyone the DawgHouse is looking for some patrons. If enough folks become patrons the DawgHouse it might even add video…although I am not sure if that is a good thing, unless we get hot models to stand behind the hosts!

To help find those patrons the DawgHouse has begun using What is you ask,,,,

“Founded in May 2013 and based in San Francisco, California, Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love. Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century.”

The DawgHouse is in that awkward position where it needs more listeners in order to get advertising but can’t get the additional listeners without extra funds!

So, the show is remaining free to all but if you want to help take The DawgHouse to the next level please consider becoming “a patron of the arts” (say that with your noise up raised and with a rich person accent)……… well the show is kinda like art, right, in a Jackson Pollock kind of way?

The DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio Show on

Looks like I am becoming a regular host on the “Dawghouse Motorcycle Radio Show“. Just hit the listen live button.

If you are interested, the show will be live 6-8 (EST) tonight and available on Podcast sometime after the show ends.

I will post about the podcast when it is up.

Give me POWER!

Give me POWER!

With the advent of an electric Harley Davidson I decided to really think about electric motorcycles.  Yes they have been around for a while, yes Yamaha is looking at some production models as well but, come on, Harley Davidson considering electric motorcycles means we have to take this seriously.

I have been reading a lot more about electric bikes lately, as there have been more than a few articles about this genus of motorcycle.  We have even had a few discussions about electric bikes on the Dawg House Motorcycle Radio Show.  I am not going to cite a bunch of numbers around range or how environmentally friendly/unfriendly the technology is or anything like that.  I understand that it is going to be a long time before I can ride cross country, due to the lack of infrastructure.  I am going to discuss what it would take for me to buy and use an electric motorcycle as a daily rider. 

So, what would it take for me to buy an electric bike?

1. No range anxiety. I need to be able to commute 80 miles round trip at an average of 60-80 MPH, with somewhat significant uphill climbs.  I need to be able to do this with zero worry about range; in fact I need to be able to do this for two days in a row without recharging or worrying if I will make it home.  This means I need a 200+ mile range in the worse of conditions.

2. No modifications to my home. With my home, (or my friends/family home) as the only “filing station” that I would have available, I do not consider it reasonable to be required to install a high capacity circuit in my garage to maximize my charging capability.

3. Charging time consideration.   A refill from empty to full should take no longer than 2 hours, empty to half full should take less than 30 minutes.  That still seems to be a long time but I am giving in to the fact that the technology for rapid charging is not now, nor will be for a long time, anywhere near that of filling a gas tank.

4. Battery life consideration.  Batteries do not live forever; I want the first battery replacement to be included in the price of the bike.  Whether that is 5 years from purchase or 15 years from purchase I do not want to worry about the cost to swap out the battery pack when it becomes necessary.  That first swap has to follow the bike not the owner, if I trade or sell the bike the new owner should not be put at risk for the cost of the new batteries.

5. Charging stations availability. It is unlikely that in my or my children’s life that electric charging station will be as ubiquitous as gas stations.  But, if a major manufacture (Harley, Yamaha) begins selling electric motorcycles then every dealer in their network needs to be a charging station.  Not a great solution but a first step.

6. Compatibility -Is there a standard for charging hardware, software, volts, amps, etc.?  If I am riding a Harley and pull into a Honda dealership will the charging station be compatible?  Are the one off charging stations you see here and there standardized for motorcycles?  If there is not currently compatibility in the electric motorcycle industry it will have to occur before I will consider buying one.

7. Customization consideration – Now this is not a deal breaker issue, but I would like to have the option to change out the appearance of the bike.  New handle bars, saddlebags, grips, mirrors, etc. are things that I and others would like to change to make it their own… just look at my Army bike.

8. Ergo dynamics – I am no longer capable of using a sport bike style seating position for my commute.  Due to age and 25 years of Army life I cannot ride in that position for any significant length of time.  Most, including Harley’s entry, lean more to the sport bike styling and I have no problem with that.  But for me to buy an electric bike it will have to have a cruiser type riding position.   

9. Price – It cannot be more than 10% more expensive than its gas powered equivalent. I am willing to pay a little more upfront if I am able to save quite a bit over the long run. My ROI for fuel savings would have to be less than two years (20,000 miles).

I am sure there are other things for me to consider before buying an electric motorcycle but these are the ones that spring to mind.  Do you have any additional considerations to consider?  J