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With the northern hemisphere motorcycle season just starting several tire manufactures are pushing rebates to get your business.  Appears that if you think you need new motorcycle tires this year now is the time to grab them.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I am do a long term test of the Pirelli Night Dragon motorcycle tire on my Harley Davidson Ultra Limited (you can read here for the details).  So, I hope, I will not need new tires until next season. But, if you need new shoes for the bike check out the rebate offers.

By the way, I did not see anything that jumped out and stated in the US only, but you should double check to make sure the rebate applies to you.

Pirelli Announces Special 40/20 Promotion for Motorcycle Tire Lineup – MARCH 1ST 2017 – MAY 31st 1017 – get a $40 rebate for street tires and $20 rebate for dirt bike tires.

Metzeler 88 ON THE 888 promotion – purchase ME888 motorcycle tires before APRIL 30th 2017 and submit for the rebate before MAY 31st to get an $88 rebate other tires might gain you $40.

Dunlop motorcycle tire rebates and offers – wow, Dunlop has so many offers going with different expiration dates you need to check it out for yourself.  On-road, off-road, special packages (oil/batteries/brakes/etc.) and tickets to MotoAmerica are a few of the offers.

If you are need new motorcycle tires, now is the time to pick them up and get a little coin back.



I just had new motorcycle tires installed.  This time I chose to go a different route then my normal Dunlop OEM tires.  I bought Pirelli Night Dragons for the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. 

I did a lot of research on the different tires that are available for my motorcycle.  I looked at Michelin, Metzeler and other brands motorcycle tire stats, reviews etc.  I went with the Night Dragons as it was the only motorcycle tire that seemed to get better reviews in an area that concerned me quite a bit, grip in the wet.  As much as love riding, it always seems to rain when we go out and a good “wet tire”, all things equal, got my attention. 

Now I do have concerns about not using the Dunlop OEM tires.  Those motorcycle tires are available at all Harley Davison dealers and would likely be in stock should a worst case scenario occur.  While it would not be optimal to run to different brands of tires on the motorcycle, I am sure worse things occur every day.  

The wife and I will be leaving soon on a 2,000 mile vacation ride so I am sure we will get to try these motorcycle tires in the wet and dry!  I will post a more in-depth review when we return.