I just had new motorcycle tires installed.  This time I chose to go a different route then my normal Dunlop OEM tires.  I bought Pirelli Night Dragons for the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. 

I did a lot of research on the different tires that are available for my motorcycle.  I looked at Michelin, Metzeler and other brands motorcycle tire stats, reviews etc.  I went with the Night Dragons as it was the only motorcycle tire that seemed to get better reviews in an area that concerned me quite a bit, grip in the wet.  As much as Iijustwant2ride.com love riding, it always seems to rain when we go out and a good “wet tire”, all things equal, got my attention. 

Now I do have concerns about not using the Dunlop OEM tires.  Those motorcycle tires are available at all Harley Davison dealers and would likely be in stock should a worst case scenario occur.  While it would not be optimal to run to different brands of tires on the motorcycle, I am sure worse things occur every day.  

The wife and I will be leaving soon on a 2,000 mile vacation ride so I am sure we will get to try these motorcycle tires in the wet and dry!  I will post a more in-depth review when we return.

  1. I’ll be interested to hear your comments on the new tyres. Like you I am always looking for better wet weather performance from my tyres and on a big loaded Ultra Limited even more so! I don’t like the Michelin or Metzeler over the standard Dunlop, so a Pirelli option is interesting!

  2. treynolds says:

    I had these tires on my Honda VT1300 and loved them. Always felt confident in the curves and wet road conditions. Only thing is you sacrifice milage a bit with these. But as far as grip on the road, these are the best tires I’ve run.

  3. Zoe Bemis says:

    Be safe love you guys!

  4. Bodhi Rana says:

    On my bikes, I’ve been pretty happy with Avon Venom tires for all-weather driving as well as better longevity over the OEM Dunlops. So I’m very curious about your comments on the tires after a bit.

  5. Bob says:

    I’m really happy with Michelin Pilot Road 4’s on my Honda ST1300. Ridden on many a wet road with them and never felt a loss of confidence (or traction!).

  6. […] few months ago I bought Pirelli Night Dragons for the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.  We have run these tires all summer, just over 5000 miles.  They have been run through the […]

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