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DSCN0124Since the C&O Canal is nearby and there does not appear to be any motorcycle ride discussions or comments about the sites I decide to do just that, discuss the C&O Canal from a rider’s point of view.

You will have to bear with me on this as I am not going to hit all the sites immediately but as I get around to them.  I might have them all by the end of the year, next year!   😉

I have already stopped at a couple and I will go back and redo them with the intent of what a rider should expect when going to each site.

Some things you should know about the canal as a whole:

  • At many of the stops is at least one railroad track to cross to reach the canal site.  The railroad is one reason the C&O Canal became obsolete.
  • The C&O Canal is a National Park.  I am going to get a lot of the information from their website and resources.  The park website will display alerts when there are issues with one or some of the park sites.
  • You cannot get to all the canal sites unless you hike or ride a bike.  Vehicle traffic is limited to only some parts of the park and is mainly acts as trailheads or boat ramps.
  • Conditions at the sites that allow vehicles will vary extremely due to weather conditions.
  • I am sure there will be more but that is all I have for now!

The layout I intend to use to describe each site is as follows:

  •    Location – Which stop on the canal path
  •    Mile Marker – as stated by the National Parks Service
  •    Historical Comments:  What was this site about?
  •    Ride to Site – What the ride is like in the immediate area of the stop.
  •    Amenities – Restroom, picnic area, etc.
  •    Road Conditions (from main road) – What to expect when you turn off the main highway
  •    Railway Situation – ground level, overpass, underpass
  •    Parking Lot Condition – paved, gravel, etc
  •    Main Attraction –
  •    My Thoughts –
  •    Map – just a clip of the area around the stop
  •    Pictures – my photos of the site.

If you have any suggestions on adding/changing the above list let me know.

C&O Canal National Park

Monocacy Aqueduct C&O Canal

DSCN0113 DSCN0150