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After being off the air for a few years the American Choppers motorcycle TV show is back on the air. Discovery Channel has brought the Teutul’s back for another run Monday’s at 10PM EST.

If you liked it in the past I think you will like it now. If you did not like it in the past, then I don’t think you will change your mind. This time around, in addition to the shop hijinks, there is a focus on Senior and Junior trying to rebuild their relationship. Scripted or not your call.

As far as the motorcycle builds go, not much has changed…which is a bit disappointing, hardtail and pro stock bikes. The closest they come to something out of the norm was an ethanol (E85) bike. But, Paul Jr. used a standard engine just tuning it to be able to use the fuel. With all the angst out there about ethanol in motorcycles this would have been a great time to do more. Just my 2 cents.

BUT, here is the crux of my problem, and it is not with the show, if you want more motorcycle TV then you need to watch (or record) the show. Without ratings American Choppers will not last and Discovery and other channels will not invest in more motorcycle themed shows.

I for one want more motorcycle TV and, at least once a month, I search the TV listings for motorcycle themed shows. Whether or not I am interested in those shows I set the DVR to record those shows to at least give them a small boost.

Soooo, like it or not please give American Choppers a chance if not for that show but those motorcycle shows we don’t even know about yet by watching/recording.

Fuel for a Rant! Motorcycles and the EPA.

motorcycle vacation new england

I have watched 3 episodes of Discovery’s newest motorcycle themed TV show.  As noted in an earlier blog post this is another in the networks “motorcycle builder” TV show history.  For more you can go to the Discovery Channel’s website to find out more. 

Based on the commercials, I did not have a lot of high hopes for the networks newest b2motorcycle TV show.  I expected a late Gen-X or Millennial version of American Chopper.  Motorcycle builds with lots of drama, yelling and some forced “stuff”. 

I was right but,  I was wrong too.  These guys seem to get along and honestly like each other.  I think they would be building motorcycles in the same manner whether or not there was a TV crew hanging around.  Jason Wilson, the part time builder the show revolves around, comes across as a good guy who is trying to become a full time builder … but admits he is a terrible businessman.   

With that said, you would think that this would be just more motorcycle eye-candy TV…and you would be right.  BUT, I have caught myself genuinely smiling while watching the show.  These guys are having fun doing what they are doing and I am having fun watching them do it.  I recommend you set your DVR to record this latest motorcycle TV show. 

I am giving Scared Steel Bikes 4 out of 5 stars.

4 out 5 stars

Discovery is starting another motorcycle “builder” series this show will premiere September the 12th.  From the Discovery Channel’s website they say the following about b2the show…

“SACRED STEEL BIKES follows a diverse group of elite individuals who come from a multitude of careers. From an Automotive Engineer to a Metal Fabricator to a high-end Beverly Hills Retail Associate, artisans from all spectrums of life are united in their passion for bike building and riding. The club has granted them a motorcycle oasis to live out their alter egos.”

More from Discovery … The series centers around Jason Wilson, who opened Sacred Steel Customs over a decade ago, and his team of fellow enthusiasts. The group honed their mechanical skills and founded Douche Larouche, now a full-fledged institution, complete with bylaws, regular meetings and chapters across the country and around the globe. Described as “the ultimate anti-bike gang – full of self-proclaimed ‘motorcycle dorks,’” club members range from fabricators and childhood friends, to highly connected icons in the world of underground bikes.

Each year, Wilson and his team transform dozens of bikes into masterpieces. If the customer has the cash or the connections, there is no limit on what they can do. Through favors to other members, neighboring chapters, and friends of friends, Wilson has grown an immense clientele alongside his crew. Discovery’s “Sacred Steel” aims to capture the build along with the adrenaline-fueled world of bikers.

So set your DVRs and check out the latest in motorcycle TV.



If you have not noticed there have been no new “What’s in the Barn” motorcycle TV shows. That is because it was canceled by the Discovery Channel.

I know this because I talked to Dale Walksler, star of the show, while I was on our motorcycle touring vacation. I met Dale when we stop at the “Wheels Through Time” motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley, NC.

My reviews were not five star but that was more due to the production not the content.

Bubba Blackwell at the Gas Monkey Garage.

Bubba Blackwell at the Gas Monkey Garage.

If you watch Fast n’ Loud you know that Richard and Arron do hot motorcycles in addition to hot cars.  So I am not surprised when they have a motorcycle themed show or event.

Looks like, according to Bubba’s Facebook page, that the Gas Monkeys will host stunt man extraordinaire Bubba Blackwell.  I think the show is going to air on the 5th of January, but check your local listing to be sure.

After a great period of motorcycle themed TV there has been a real dearth of shows featuring our avocation lately. As we all know ratings rule and that is way I always mention shows that feature motorcycles, motorcyclists or bikers in any significant way.


I have watched the first two episodes of the newest motorcycle show and it’s the same but different.

I addition to voting by twitter you are also watching in twitter mode!  The show is attempting to show you the builds of three teams via for the title of this week’s champion.  Attempting to show three builds plus the lead in and the results is a whorl wind of 140 second clips.  Now to be honest I am sure each shot is more than 140 seconds but man are they short.  You really don’t get to see a lot of the bike during the build and not much of the completed motorcycle. 

I held off my voting during the first week to see the bikes either complete or close to it and missed my chance to vote (I would have voted for Harlot)!  The second week I voted for Backyard Bagger, who lost….maybe I should vote for the team I don’t want to win.

All in all I think it is an OK show, and given some time to work the kinks out, I think it will be a good show.  Just from the 1st to the 2nd show you can see some improvement. By the time they reach the end of the season I think it will be much better and if it returns for a second run I expect great things. If I were to give one recommendation….show the completed bikes a bit more before you close voting!

I am going to give it 4 out 5 stars because I think they will get a lot better as they progress.


#BikerLive – Discovery Channel (which I salute for all its motorcycle related productions) will premier its newest bike series #BikerLive on May 12 at 10PM EST.  It appears from the commercials and the website that it is a “build-off competition” with the twist is that WE get to vote for the winner by tweeting.

“We’ve found the country’s best hometown motorcycle craftsmen.  And their future is riding…. on your tweets.”

You can read about the first three shops in the competition here.

While on a different channel….

Biker Battleground Phoenix – On July 1st the History Channel is introducing us to “Biker Battleground Phoenix”.  Another “build-off” show that this time pits five custom bike ships in the Phoenix area competing for the title of the city’s “best custom bike building business”.

There was nothing on the History Channel websites about this show yet, but here are a few links to more details.

History’s ‘Biker Battleground Phoenix’ Set To Debut In July

History’s BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX to Premiere 7/1

Recently I had a chance to exchange emails with Adam Cramer star of Discovery Channel’s motorcycle show “Philly Throttle and owner of Liberty VintageMotorcycles. I have posted several times (here, here) about him and the show and the legal battle with Discovery. Mr. Cramer had to be coy about the future of the TV show but he did answer some fun questions.

Adam the owner

Adam the owner

1.  What is the craziest thing you have done on or to a motorcycle?

          I got chased by the cops for 3 hours around center city Philly on my 1965 triumph.  No helmet, not sober and got away by doing a wheelie for 3 blocks before losing the cops by riding up the art museum steps Rocky ran up and riding down a back staircase.

2.  What is the third most important thing in your life?

        Motorcycles, family first, my building second.

3.  What “Guinness” type world record would you like to break?

I’d like to have the wheelie title!  I believe “wheelie king” Doug Domukus is champ now.

4.  What is the longest trip, by motorcycle, that you have taken?

Philly to California to Nevada to Texas to Philly, 8700 miles round trip.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

5.  Where/what is the number one place you want to visit or ride on a motorcycle?

The Isle of Man.

6.  In the movie of your life, who would play you?

I would play me in the movie of my life, I would be happy with no one else!

7.  If you could ask yourself an informative, direct, motorcycle related question, what would you ask and answer

What is your favorite bike? All of them!

Thanks Adam for playing along!

from discovery channelI am not really sure what to make of this show. I “think” it was a pilot episode that Discovery Channel ran, even though they did not buy the series. This appears to be the only Heirs to the Dare episode.

The show follows three modern daredevils (each inspired by Evil Knievel of course) as they set about their business, well sort of. Of the three there is only one nationally recognized daredevil Bubba Blackwell (my friends and I met Bubba at last year’s Gettysburg Bike Rally and he spoke about this show). The other two are Henry “Pitbull” Rife a Midwest regional All Terrain Vehicle act and the retired, “I want to get back in but the wife is not happy about it”, Super Joe Reed.

The show begins with Pitbull wanting to go to the next level and actually make money for his stunts. He and his one man crew pay a visit to Bubba to talk about the business side of stunt shows on the day that Bubba is going to jump two helicopters. Bubba shares some of his business “secrets” with Henry and then proceeds to successfully jump the choppers (you can see the jump at the Heirs to the Dare link above)

While that is going on Super Joe regales with tails of his daredevil career including video of him jumping three helicopters without a landing ramp, which was impressive. But this quickly turns when his wife discovers that he has bought a bike and demands that he returns it to the dealership. That argument coincides with his discussion of how he wants to jump the Snake River and beat Evil Knievel.

This is where the show pretty much ends, you get the feeling that there was to be more but, unless I have missed it, this was the one and only. I give it three stars because it left us hanging.

3 out of 5 stars


Well “The Devils Ride” is coming back to Discovery channel beginning February 3rd.  This is the third season for the show.

I have not reviewed The Devils Ride in the past because I did not think it was going to make back on the air. But now that it is here is what I think.

It is a reality show that feels way too scripted with “characters” that are  forced.  These guys are supposedly real bikers in a real club but it just feels off, not that I have ever been in a MC.

Sometimes I get a feeling that some of the characters are not riding the bikes because I can’t see their faces when they are riding.  This pulls it even further from the “reality” concept.

If they are trying to make it a soap opera for men, SOA it is not.

I really appreciate Discovery Channel putting a lot of motorcycle related content on their networks, but, in my opinion, this is the weakest of all their bike related shows.  I give it 2 out of 5 stars.