After being off the air for a few years the American Choppers motorcycle TV show is back on the air. Discovery Channel has brought the Teutul’s back for another run Monday’s at 10PM EST.

If you liked it in the past I think you will like it now. If you did not like it in the past, then I don’t think you will change your mind. This time around, in addition to the shop hijinks, there is a focus on Senior and Junior trying to rebuild their relationship. Scripted or not your call.

As far as the motorcycle builds go, not much has changed…which is a bit disappointing, hardtail and pro stock bikes. The closest they come to something out of the norm was an ethanol (E85) bike. But, Paul Jr. used a standard engine just tuning it to be able to use the fuel. With all the angst out there about ethanol in motorcycles this would have been a great time to do more. Just my 2 cents.

BUT, here is the crux of my problem, and it is not with the show, if you want more motorcycle TV then you need to watch (or record) the show. Without ratings American Choppers will not last and Discovery and other channels will not invest in more motorcycle themed shows.

I for one want more motorcycle TV and, at least once a month, I search the TV listings for motorcycle themed shows. Whether or not I am interested in those shows I set the DVR to record those shows to at least give them a small boost.

Soooo, like it or not please give American Choppers a chance if not for that show but those motorcycle shows we don’t even know about yet by watching/recording.

Fuel for a Rant! Motorcycles and the EPA.

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  1. chammann says:

    From over the pond, it looks like this: What they are producing are not motorcycles, but metal sculpture. When I saw some shows, the most ridiculous scenes were when they test ride their custom bikes and praise them over the moon. No, they are all not good to ride. I know, I started off on a H.-D. and sold it when I scraped it’s footrests in every turn in the Alps. Mind you, I like to look at these custom creations as well as any other red-blooded motorcyclist, but they are simulacra of a motorcycle. And then it’s right that they are so stylized and that the Tetuls pull off such a biker drama queen show about them. Amusing, but nothing to do with riding.

    • I do not disagree with anything you said! But, I watch (or DVR) with the hope that other, better, motorcycle shows get a greenlight in the future. There are so few of them now, and the motorcycle industry needs all the help it can get.

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