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Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

I do not normally look at the “Search Engine Terms” stats of the blog, but I did over the weekend.  Looking at that stat I noticed I have received more than a few searches looking for the status of the show Philly Throttle.  The typical search term was “has Philly Throttle been cancelled?” or something similar. Based on those inquires, I looked around a bit myself and, as I noted in this post, found no updates on the shows status.

During my “look around” I found a link on the Discovery Channels webpage for “Viewer Relations”.  I jumped in that rabbit hole and ended up making the following comment/question:

“First, THANK YOU for all the motorcycle related programing!  Your network has done wonders for the motorcycling world. I run a motorcycle related blog ( on which I occasionally comment on and review motorcycle related TV.

I wrote a piece about your show Philly Throttle earlier in the year and I have received more than a few pokes about the status of the show.  Can you tell me if Philly Throttle has been renewed or cancelled?  If it has been renewed is there a time schedule for airing the new season?

Thanks in advance

Warren Massey”

After posting the comment/question, their conformation screen stated that they attempt to respond within one week of receiving the inquire.  So here’s hoping we will get an answer to the question soon!


I just ran across this show on The Destination America channel (part of the Discovery Network). Their anthology series Hidden in America “travels behind the veil of secrecy to explore a members-only world.” In their first season Hidden in America examined the Mongols MC.

Destination America logo 2012The original airing of the show as in December 2012 I saw a rerun a few weeks ago, I really like my DVR. Overall I think the show portrayed the Mongols as they are, 1%er’s. It did focus a lot of air time on the Las Vegas shootout between the Mongols and their rivals the Hells Angels, but that is to be expected due to the dramatic surveillance footage of the actual event.

If you want to see the show, search your TV or download it from Amazon.

I give this a 3 out of 5, if you are stuck inside and want a background knowledge of the Mongols this will do it for you.


3 out of 5 stars



The Discovery Channel website has a quiz for “motorcycle aficionados”.  The quiz can be found here and it is harder than you might think

I took the quiz…..I am not going to admit how poorly I did.

motorcycle rideWell everyone has their opinions! Sometimes you might agree on the same thing, sometimes you might not.

When I did a search or the top 10 motorcycle rides this is what I found.… said their # 1 was the Pacific Coast Highway. also had the Pacific Coast Highway as the #1.

Discovery Channel put The Twisted Sisters (Texas) on top.

Lonely Plant voted for Pacific Coast Highway. put Arkansas Highway 23 atop their list. had SR 11in upland Maine as the best.

Tail of the Dragon was top of the list for the Travel Channel.

I would love to ride all of the roads listed.  Someday maybe I will.

Discovery Channel has rated the Harley Knucklehead as the sexiest bike ever. It is also their #10 greatest bike of all time.I ran across this list on their website’s Motorcycle Guide (see my earlier post).

I have not had time to run through their entire top 10 yet but I have made it from 10 to 7 and cannot disagree with much at all regarding their selections. But let’s see what they have in the 6-1 positions.


dis clipWhile I was watching the West Virginia Mountaineers get beat by Kanas University I was surfing the web.  While I was doing that I ran across The Discovery Channel’s Motorcycle Guide.

Their Motorcycle Guide has a lot of video, including their top ten “Greatest Motorcycles Ever”.  As well as a link to their shows “American Chopper” and the “Devils Ride”.

If they had a show about the “Greatest Motorcycles Ever” I must have missed it.  If you have the time take a look.

Café Racer TV

Café Racer TV

This TV show has been around for a while and its fourth season is set to start on the 6th of November. It is presented on the Velocity Channel (part of the Discovery Network).

As the name implies Café Racer covers the bikes, builders and life style of the Café Bike scene. I have watch the show for the last two years and it is enjoyable. My favorite show was the one where they connected the café bike scene to pin-up girls!

I enjoy this show and my DVR is already set to record.




pure-evel-dl-668x375Last night I watched the Discovery Channel’s premiers of “Pure Evil”.  This was supposed to be about Evil Knievel “behind the scenes”.  I did not think much of the show.

It was interesting to hear some of the “insider” stories regarding Evil. About how he drove his own public relations campaign, about his ego, and about the Snake River Canyon jump.  But, I do not think I learned anything new or titillating about his life.

Also, while it has been a long time since I have seen it, I think a lot of the “cut scenes” were from a movie about Evil Knievel that came out years ago.  Overall, I feel this effort was well below Discovery’s normal high caliber programing.



pure-evel-dl-668x375Tonight at 10 PM (EST) on the Discovery Channel premiers its new documentary “Pure Evil”.  The show is about Evil Knievel “behind the scenes”.

On the Discovery website the show is described as “To the public, Knievel was an American hero and a dedicated husband and father. But behind-the-scenes, there was a much darker and more violent side. Using archival and candid interviews with family, friends and colleagues, the true story of the man behind the myth will be unraveled by those who knew Knievel best”

I have no idea how good this will be but the DVR is set and I will post my thoughts tomorrow.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

This motorcycle show follows the happenings swirling around Philadelphia’s Liberty Vintage Motorcycles and its owner Adam Kramer. It completed its first (and I hope not last) season recently.  I was only able to catch the last couple of shows but it was enjoyable, even though it follows the same “got to get it done, tight deadline” plot lines as the others.

What made me pay attention to this show is that the tight deadlines are real, not so much for getting the bike to the customer but to pay the electric bill and Adam’s few employees.  You call easily tell that Adam is a vintage bike lover first and a businessman second (maybe third).

Adam the owner

Adam the owner

Another item to like, even though my first love are Harley Davidson’s, it is fun to watch old Honda’s and other bikes cleaned up and sent to good home!

Philly Throttle appears (did appear) on the Discovery Channel.  I found nothing that indicated it has been renewed for a second season, or that it has been cancelled.  I personally hope that there is another season for Philly Throttle.  You can see some of the show on Discovery’s website, check it out! 

4 out 5