Motorcycle TV: Philly Throttle Update

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Motorcycle TV
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Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

I do not normally look at the “Search Engine Terms” stats of the blog, but I did over the weekend.  Looking at that stat I noticed I have received more than a few searches looking for the status of the show Philly Throttle.  The typical search term was “has Philly Throttle been cancelled?” or something similar. Based on those inquires, I looked around a bit myself and, as I noted in this post, found no updates on the shows status.

During my “look around” I found a link on the Discovery Channels webpage for “Viewer Relations”.  I jumped in that rabbit hole and ended up making the following comment/question:

“First, THANK YOU for all the motorcycle related programing!  Your network has done wonders for the motorcycling world. I run a motorcycle related blog ( on which I occasionally comment on and review motorcycle related TV.

I wrote a piece about your show Philly Throttle earlier in the year and I have received more than a few pokes about the status of the show.  Can you tell me if Philly Throttle has been renewed or cancelled?  If it has been renewed is there a time schedule for airing the new season?

Thanks in advance

Warren Massey”

After posting the comment/question, their conformation screen stated that they attempt to respond within one week of receiving the inquire.  So here’s hoping we will get an answer to the question soon!

  1. Eddie B. says:

    Any news yet? Hopefully it’ll be positive.

  2. […] all have been wondering what is going on with Philly Throttle and my past couple posts (here, here) only shed a tiny bit of light.  But now we have some concrete information straight from the […]

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