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In this part of my review of the 2014 Ultra Limited I take on the Infotainment System. There has been a lot discussion of this system on many different sources. I am not going to rehash known issues (i.e. GPS only able to handle 9 waypoint), but what I have personally witnessed as either good or bad. The most important thing I have taken away from actual use and reading on other forms/blogs….wait until you hit “Accept” on the screen before starting the motorcycle!

Infotainment system overall: Not the reason for buying the bike but, what I considered at the time, as icing on the cake. A large screen I can very easily read without glasses, and the ability to have input from a media player, phone, radio, XM was very appealing. An internal GPS with the large screen was a good thing as well, it means I did not have to rig another mount to the motorcycle.

Left hand controls

Hand controls – Overall I like the hand controls better than the ’11 model. It is a easier to do things while riding like setting the cruise control while using the throttle. I have “almost” gotten to the point where I can change stations on the radio without looking at all.

One thing that has happened that I cannot figure out how messed up one of the controls. The left hand “joystick” for the first 2500 miles allowed me to move up or down the channels on XM or regular radio by pushing or pulling the stick left or right (volume is still up and down). Some how I have engaged a feature that now only allow me to move between the presets…I liked it better the other way.

Radio – the reception of both AM and FM signals are worse on the ‘14 then on the ’11. Both bikes have/had a stock antenna. I notice quite a few more areas on my commute where the signal is completely lost with the new bike v. the older motorcycle.

XM radio functions – XM Radio: I had it installed when I bought the bike. The reception with the antenna installed in the manner indicated by the instructions is HORROBLE. In a 45 minute daily commute I lose signal for at least 5 minutes (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter depending on traffic conditions). I have lost signal on open road with no overhead coverage on a 4 lane highway. To date I am so disappointed that I have debated, in my head, about asking for a refund.

Anyone considering this option for your bike…take my advice to either reconsider the purchase or have the antenna installed in a different position. I am currently in the process of moving the antenna outside of the fairing to the right of the vent. I will let you know how the reception is after the move.

Bad picture but the dark stuff… but you can see the green on green

XM – Traffic: This works as advertised! On a couple of trips, it worked with my GPS to reroute me around traffic. Once on the return trip from the NF charity ride I did with my daughter, it was spot on and saved us at least 30 minutes of sitting in traffic on a hot day with the threat of heavy thunderstorms. On another occasion it provided us with about a 10 mile warring of major construction ahead. This feature seems too good to go!



XM – Weather: I have only used this a little and I do not have a real opinion on this function yet, except for one item. Really Harley Davidson and XM, really….displaying precipitation as a shade of green while displaying the map/ground as a “slightly” different shade of green, someone did not think that one through. The few times I did use the function it was difficult to discern rain from ground except for areas that had yellow or red levels of weather.

Bluetooth audio/Media Player/Wired Intercom – No problems works like it should.

GPS – there has been many issues with the GPS noted on many different forums. I can concur that this was not a highly polished finished product. I feel we are beta testers for HD rather than customers regarding the GPS. It does its basic job but there much much room for improvement.

In the fifth and final part of my review of the bike I will talk about the item I have found to be the most surprising deficit of the entire motorcycle.

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In this installment of my review of our new 2014 Ultra Limited…..

Tour Pak/Saddlebags: The new latching system is a GREAT improvement! The new Tour Pak is better than the old style. Easy as that…as long as I remember to use the new latch and not try and open it the old way, oh it happens every now and again! See the pictures below for detail 🙂

Rear End: Looks good, well lit with the new tour pak lighting. The only distraction to its overall appearance is the “vents(?)” where the bag fillers will go after you buy them.

Engine and transmission: Harley Davidson claims that they made adjustments to improve performance are true based on my comparison with the 11 to the 14 Ultra Limited. Rolling on the throttle, even at highway speed, has a noticeable feel and affect.

Taking a big handful of throttle going from 1st to 2nd gear….I think I have had the front wheel off the ground a time or two, not much but it sure fills like it is getting a bit of air under the front wheel.

With that being said I did have a complete Stage 1 upgrade added before I took delivery. The Screaming Eagle Air Cleaner, Thunder Slip-on Exhausts and the Stage 1 ECM flash make up the complete upgrade.

Linked Braking: I do not have an opinion of this feature yet. I have nothing negative to say about it but I do not have anything positive to say either. It has caused no handling issues but I have yet to see any real handling improvement either.

In Part 4 of the review I will tell you what I think about the “Infotainment System”.

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Continuing with my thoughts on our new 2014 Ultra Limited. In Part 1 I discussed the overall appearance of the bike and the new front end.


Headlights: Boy are they bright!  I believe that people are seeing me more than in the past.  I now know that you can apply a computer update or “flash” that will allow you to keep the passing lights on when the high beam is applied.  I am going to ask for this flash to be applied when I get the 5K mile service.

Inner Fairing, dashboard and infotainment system

Dashboard: I like the new inner fairing layout.  The gauges and the infotainment system are easy to see. The USB device “glove box” to the right of the infotainment system works as it should, no issues.


Rider/Passenger comfort: We had the stock seat on the 2011 and we do as well on the 2014.  From my point of view the rider portion of the seat is a little more comfortable.  I am not sure if they are using a slightly different configuration or different padding but I seem to seat better in the saddle.  The floorboards are good but I do think the heel shifter requires a longer reach, my feet are not oversized but I am often sliding back against the lever. 

As far as the highway pegs go, I am not sure that if the new design of the lower fairing are the cause, but I cannot get them to long distance comfortable position.  I have moved both the highway pegs multiple times and still do not have it right.


Debbie is quite happy with the changes to the Rushmore passenger seat.  All the changes they made for passenger comfort have been met with approval.  As far as nits to pick she would like to have longer arm rests (I think she want’s that for extra security in case she falls asleep).


In the next part of the review I will give you my opinion on the Tour Pak, Saddlebags, Rear End, Engine, Transmission and Linked Braking.

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Day trip to Solomon Island, MD

We have had our 2014 “Rushmore” Ultra Limited motorcycle for less than 90 days.  We have put on just over 3000 miles which are mostly my commute and some longish weekend motorcycle rides.  The longest single ride was an 889.3 mile ride to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and back.  We just finished the 1000 mile service so I believe I have enough time and miles under the belt to give a knowledgeable review of the bike….so far.


I am going to do this over a few posts so as not to bore folks with a long diatribe. I am going to move front to back and break down what I like and what I don’t like about the bike.  I will tell you now I have way more likes then dislikes.


For background, I traded a 20011 Ultra Limited for this bike so I have a recent comparison point for these comments.


Appearance:  Most of the changes to bikes appearance are understated. I do like that they made major changes to the aerodynamics of the bike without a major impact to the appearance.  The times I have mentioned that the bike is water cooled folks have walked over to the bike and marveled at how the radiators are hidden!

The ugly air vent… it works… but it is UGLY

The one visual feature that I do not like on the bike is the air vent on the front faring.  My dislike is not because of its function nor the fact that it is there at all, I do not like it because it is a piece of flat black plastic that detracts from the wonderful paint scheme of the bike.  It might work on a bike that has a black faring but not on any that have color.  Would it be so much more to make it chrome, or offer a color match option?


Front end:  The larger front forks do make a difference.  There are a few bridges on the way to work that have, what I would call ”less then smooth transitions” between the roadway and bridge.  On the older bike I would rise up off the seat to avoid the jar, but with the new forks I do not feel the need to do so, I still do but I think it is habit more than necessity. 


The fairing does it job.  I “feel” that there really is less wind buffeting because of the new design and the air vent.  My wife has stated she feels no difference between the old bike and the Rushmore motorcycle as far as the wind is concerned.  I just need to remember to close the vent before the rain starts flying through!

In Part 2 I will give you my thoughts on the new Headlights, Dashboard, and Rider/Passenger comfort.

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Well, the low beam burned out on our Electra Glide Limited a few days ago so it was time to attempt to swap it our ourselves (with a little help from our dog Emmy).

After a quick visit to Frederick Harley Davidson for a new bulb, I checked on-line for some tips to how to proceed, there were not many.  I was really worried a bit that I would have to remove the fairing to replace the bulb, but it turned out that was not the case….you just need three hands (and a paw).

The first step was to remove the outer chrome bezel by removing one screw and a short clockwise twist.  Removing that bezel revealed an inner one holding the light housing on with three screws, (note leave the top one for last(.

After the housing was pulled free, there is a wire spring that holds the bulb unit in the housing, the bulb is released by sliding the spring from its catch.  The bulb itself is released by pressing in on the detents on each side of the plug.

Making sure my skin did not touch the new bulb’s glass (the oils from our skin will decrease the life of the bulb I am told) I traced back the disassembly to assemble the light again. I did use blue Loctiite to ensure that the screws would not vibrate loose.  There was just one item that gave me a bit of concern and that was the wire spring on the inside of the outer bezel.  I was not sure where the spring was to align and just took my best guess.  I will keep a close eye on that part for the next few weeks to make sure it stays in place.

All in all it took the three of us about 30 minutes to swap out the bulb and get on the road again.