Motorcycle Review: My thoughts on our new 2014 Ultra Limited…Part 2

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Motorcycle, Product Reviews
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Continuing with my thoughts on our new 2014 Ultra Limited. In Part 1 I discussed the overall appearance of the bike and the new front end.


Headlights: Boy are they bright!  I believe that people are seeing me more than in the past.  I now know that you can apply a computer update or “flash” that will allow you to keep the passing lights on when the high beam is applied.  I am going to ask for this flash to be applied when I get the 5K mile service.

Inner Fairing, dashboard and infotainment system

Dashboard: I like the new inner fairing layout.  The gauges and the infotainment system are easy to see. The USB device “glove box” to the right of the infotainment system works as it should, no issues.


Rider/Passenger comfort: We had the stock seat on the 2011 and we do as well on the 2014.  From my point of view the rider portion of the seat is a little more comfortable.  I am not sure if they are using a slightly different configuration or different padding but I seem to seat better in the saddle.  The floorboards are good but I do think the heel shifter requires a longer reach, my feet are not oversized but I am often sliding back against the lever. 

As far as the highway pegs go, I am not sure that if the new design of the lower fairing are the cause, but I cannot get them to long distance comfortable position.  I have moved both the highway pegs multiple times and still do not have it right.


Debbie is quite happy with the changes to the Rushmore passenger seat.  All the changes they made for passenger comfort have been met with approval.  As far as nits to pick she would like to have longer arm rests (I think she want’s that for extra security in case she falls asleep).


In the next part of the review I will give you my opinion on the Tour Pak, Saddlebags, Rear End, Engine, Transmission and Linked Braking.

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  1. hdtravelling says:

    Did a test ride with Bry over here in the UK when the first came out from the HD shop down to the HD Headquarters, he raved about it, but as pillion, although I loved what was on offer I slid around on the back seat especially going over every bump and even though they had moved the boxes to allow for better leg room, I ended up wedging my legs up against them, and was willingly telling people not realising who they were until afterwards! Head of UK, Europe etc for After Sales, then the Head for Design, HOG boss etc etc. but the way I look at it, they have to look at constructive criticism! We would have got it if we were both happy but in the end we got a 2013 Street Glide and have got cozy LOL…

    Keep it up, enjoying the read!

    • The wife has not mentioned anything about sliding around but I will ask. We did have the passenger foot pegs added so she can have the floorboards and the pegs in 3 positions for her comfort. Those movable pegs, according to her, are the best purchase for the bike yet!

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